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In the name of freedom, network violence attack quietly – Sohu Scientific American "time" magazine in August published an article titled "why we let the Internet is full of hatred? The main topic of this paper is to discuss the tendency of the international network public opinion becoming more negative. With the development of social networks, citizens in the network environment to express personal opinions more easily, but it is the "network of violence, grow with each passing day" in the network environment is full of hostility and enmity, and the attacker caused incalculable influence. Star Qiao Renliang’s death, so that the topic of network violence once again become a hot topic. Qiao Renliang died, Sina has become the highest concern of the topic of micro-blog, the heat of the discussion and even beyond the women’s volleyball champion and Baoqiang Wang divorce. The reason why there is such a heat, not only because of depression, Qiao Renliang suffered violent attacks from network Yu, also become the focus of attention. It is ironic that, in his lifetime, he suffered a lot of users unprovoked attack Qiao Renliang, after death can not be peaceful. The death reason was repeatedly discredited, his death also let his friends from friends: Joe Chen, Zhao Liying rather baffling attack, Jiang Yiyan et al., because no timely on micro-blog to mourn Qiao Renliang, netizens accused of "no conscience" and "how not to die" and "a death is you". Because Joe Chen was photographed at the airport in the memorial meeting when wearing a pair of red shoes, and was friends mad "schadenfreude". The storm until Joe Chen released the eulogy on micro-blog, is completed. And a few days later, Jing Bairan on micro-blog released a tribute to the text of the text of Qiao Renliang, was attacked by friends again, the reason for the attack is the death of a friend by the hype, false". Do not mourn being sprayed, mourning has to be sprayed, users are non judgment criteria is also very vague. Netizens commented on micro-blog’s Jing Bairan a few days later, Jing Bairan repeatedly attacked by the media, announced its withdrawal from micro-blog, while his instagram account is set to private, from the social network to disappear. This is also regarded as a public figure, the ubiquitous network of violence, can make the final struggle. The power of public opinion on the damage to individual citizens can not be ignored, and as a public figure of the stars are the first to bear the brunt. As early as 70 years ago, Shanghai actress Ruan Lingyu will leave a "People will talk." death of a beauty. With the development of the Internet, citizens to express their personal views more simple, but also increasingly do not have to be responsible for the speech, leading to the tragedy of the network violence intensified. In micro-blog, the star’s personal attacks everywhere, some of the stars for the poor acting or prominent personality, netizens kuangpen, and get out of entertainment". Some of the stars because in the Anti Japanese War Memorial Day issued a special date, family photos, netizens criticized "unpatriotic" traitors "". Even the stars because there is no clear expression in the topic of their own position, but also to be accused of netizens, no principle". Yuan Shanshan, who has been attacked by netizens, has called on TEDx to resist cyber violence in her speech,相关的主题文章:

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