India is full of exercises so Obadiah India expert feels like her husband

India is full of exercises so Obadiah India expert: feels like her husband derailed data figure: Russian troops arrived in Pakistan to participate in one "friendship -2016" joint military drill exercises original title: Obadiah anger India! Indian experts: I feel like her husband derailed Reference News Network reported on October 24th the Russian newspaper "independent" published in October 14th, Vladimir · J Cossor Lev article, entitled "India, Pakistan and Russia with Chinese contact", titled "New Delhi worried Moscow has relied on", on the formation of Beijing as follows: Recently, Russia – India during the summit of BRICs leaders meeting kicked off goa. In New Delhi, you can see the propaganda board printed with portraits of India’s prime minister Modi and Russian President Putin. Russia and India are expected to sign an important agreement on military technical cooperation and nuclear energy at the summit. But before the 5 forum, it also expressed dissatisfaction with Moscow, because the latter held joint military exercises with Pakistan. "India Hindu" reported that the India ambassador to Russia pan Kajie · saran warned that if Moscow continues to expand military cooperation with Islamabad, India and Russia relations or will be affected. The relationship between Russia and India has a history of about 70 years. Moscow and New Delhi officially call each other a special strategic partner. However, the relationship between the two countries is currently undergoing a solid test. After all, the two friendly countries are under great pressure from outside. The West because of the Syria issue to Moscow to see color. Premier Modi warned in a speech at a meeting in Lucknow in India. Sometimes, war is inevitable, he said." Russian Indian relations will go from here? Development or decline? The independent newspaper interviewed two well-known experts in India, the India observer Research Foundation vice chairman of the Nandan · Uni Krishnan and former India ambassador to Russia, general manager of India Oil and Natural Gas Corp Ajay Malhotra ·. Uni Krishnan believes that cooperation between Moscow and New Delhi is weakening. Two years ago, India held a general election, the new government came to power. But this is not the cause of the decline in relations between the two countries. Global geopolitics has changed. In the past two or three years, the relationship between Russia and the West has deteriorated. At the same time, Sino Russian relations have improved significantly. Uni Krishnan said: "at least this changed the geopolitical landscape of asia. India maintains a close strategic partnership with Russia, even though we have 23 strategic partners. The relationship between India and China, to the light, is very complex. Let us recall how India and the Soviet Union developed relations in the late 50s and early 60s. At that time, we had a lot of problems with China, and so did the Soviet union. But in 1962 India after the outbreak of the war, the Soviet Union began to provide MIG -21 fighters to us." Russia and Pakistan continue to develop relations is also a headache. Of course, the reason why Russia wants to improve relations with Pakistan is obvious. Because there is no Pakistan, it can not solve the problem of afghanistan. But it is necessary to hold one joint exercise? Reporters that, as spectators,"相关的主题文章:

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