India train derailment has killed 91 people or into the worst train accident in recent

India train derailment has killed 91 people and in recent years the most serious train accident – Beijing, Beijing, November 20, according to foreign media reports, India police said the latest news, the current death toll of train derailment accident caused by the northern part of the country has increased from 63 people to 91 people earlier. According to statistics, this event has become the country’s most serious railway security incidents in recent years. Earlier, the data show that 150 people were injured in the incident. According to reports, a total of 14 cars were involved in the accident, many people were crushed under the collapse of the deformation of the car, but also by the collapse of the luggage parcels and other siege, it is difficult to move. Police and health care workers, as well as voluntary volunteer rescue team composed of volunteers, rescue operations at the scene. India railway police and local people spontaneously rushed to the scene, trying to rescue people trapped inside; the medical staff also went to the scene to provide emergency assistance, and rescued the injured to hospital for examination. According to reports, the train is an important means of transport in India, but due to poor facilities, improper operation and other reasons, the country in recent years has repeatedly derailed train or collision, resulting in a large number of casualties. On the evening of August 4, 2016, when two passenger trains passed through a bridge in central India, they were derailed in minutes, killing at least 12 people. In September 12, 2015, 2 train derailment occurred in India, killing at least 4 people were killed and more than and 30 injured. According to foreign media reported on November 20th, India, a train derailed in the northern part of the country, the number of casualties has caused serious casualties. The cause of the accident is not clear. In September 4, 2015, India express train in southern India, Tamil Nadu derailment accident, at least 39 people were injured. In March 20, 2015, a train derailment occurred in Uttar Pradesh, India, killing at least 36 people were killed. After about 8 hours of rescue and investigation, India official confirmed that more than 150 people were injured. May 4, 2014, a passenger train derailed in the western region of India, at least 18 people were confirmed dead and more than and 100 injured.相关的主题文章:

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