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Insider: shares have been transferred to Jane Zhang under the name of Zhang mother had promised to go to the wedding, Sina entertainment news after Jane Zhang in an interview after the mother torn peace illusion, and directed Feng Ke did not fulfill the agreement will be transferred to Jane Zhang shares under the name of the turning point, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s wedding adds twists. Sina entertainment events linked to the insider, the other responded, Feng Ke after the birthday party has put all the shares of the company to the name of Jane Zhang, and said Jane Zhang’s mother birthday dinner in second days after the time has promised to go to Italy to attend the wedding, the wedding photos were also accompanied by a mother. Jane Zhang Feng Ke wedding to know Sina entertainment said, after the birthday party, Feng Ke had all the shares of the company to the name of Liangying, and said the website publicity updates because of lag, so it is not shown, but all of the property to the name of Liangying notarization has been completed. In addition, Jane Zhang also said that the second day birthday, mother Liangying in with Liangying, Feng Ke, Liangying and sister team together to eat Hot pot has promise to go to the wedding in Italy, and the wedding photos. According to the insiders, in October 23 to 25 days, things change, said in the back to Chengdu to pick up Liangying’s mother went to Beijing to record the visa fingerprint found mobile phone shutdown, Zhang mother returned home to find that she is not in, then, Liangying and Feng Ke in Chengdu and uncles together to find her for two days and two nights. Micro letter does not return, then heard mother opened a new number, and want to know how to play her new number, but are not connected, the message does not return, just ignore us. (An Dongwen) responsible editor: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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