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Insist on running weight has not changed? If you don’t have a reason to stay on the run but don’t change? If you’re not lazy, that’s why. Weight loss has been unable to go down, may make a lot of people to lose weight for the purpose of frustration. In particular, a lot of people really hard to run, never lazy. Today, Xiao Bian and we say, why do we insist on such a long time to run, but can not let their jeans a small size? 1, you are only running, no other training every day if you repeat the same running plan, day in and day out (although you still sweating, but your legs sour), and gradually adapt to the The new supersedes the old. response, so the same exercise you will burn less calories. Consider adding a strength training such as anaerobic exercise to make your body "not"". A small change every day may have little to do with time, but it has a huge impact on the change of shape. 2, you can only see the distance, not to pay attention to the intensity of aerobic or other exercise is an important variable – strength. You can think of it, if you get on the treadmill, elliptical machines, bicycles or trails, are you going to continue to exercise for 30 minutes or 1 hours, but your goal is for you to maintain the speed of persistence, training hard to feel tired, then go home. This exercise is good for endurance, but not suitable for weight loss. So you can try to run, fast and slow, so that the body needs to redouble their efforts to adapt to different intensities, in order to burn more fat. 3, not only exercise energy consumption running can consume calories, but in fact, eat, drink, sleep, thinking, will consume a lot of calories. Here we need to introduce a basic concept called basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate is high, usually even if the movement is also higher than the ordinary people consume the heat. One way to increase basal metabolic rate is to increase muscle mass. Muscles consume much more calories than fat. Muscles are always active and demanding. So the more muscles you have, the more calories you can consume without deliberate activity. 4, you run too much exercise is necessary for a healthy life, but exercise is still a pressure on the body, affecting the body hormone secretion, which also controls our ability to lose weight. Too much emphasis on long-distance running, will continue to increase cortisol. Cortisol increased for a long time, the inflammation will become more, slow recovery of the body, destroy muscle tissue, forced to store excess fat, and even damage the immune function. If you take a few hours of exercise without proper nutrition, and the body is under too much pressure, you can also damage your thyroid gland, lower your metabolic rate, and make it harder to lose weight. If you run 2-4 hours a day without weight loss (or even an increase), you need to cut down on running frequency, increase resistance to anaerobic training, and see how it works. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the changes. (running guide)相关的主题文章:

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