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Business unit staff about gun shot indecent video blackmail communication beauty college foreign man met through the dating software in Fuzhou university students, and their relationship, and took indecent video. His girlfriend broke up, he used indecent video blackmail and impose exactions on each other. Recently, Minhou Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on its prosecution of. Lee is a public institution in Jiangsu, 30 years old this year. In May this year, he passed a man named "fish" mobile phone chat software, met a woman Zhang Minhou University city. Through chat, two people quickly identified a relationship. The 20 day of the month, the two sides about the location of Jiangsu, Lee met in Lianyungang, the two sides had a sexual relationship. The next morning, Lee took advantage of the other side did not pay attention to shoot a indecent video. Zhang returned to school after Lee chat, suddenly sent on the morning of the shooting that indecent video and a network intercepted nude photo. Zhang saw very angry, then broke up. Lee is not willing to threaten Zhang to his school, the family announced indecent video and photos, in order to threaten the other party does not break up or pay related costs during the exchange. Zhang because of fear, agreed to refund the cost of more than 2000 yuan. Lee see the weak, have become aggravated to dishonesty fees, tickets, travel, accommodation, meals, buy clothes, pocket money, buy indecent video and nude names, in succession to Zhang blackmail and impose exactions on ten thousand yuan. Zhang unbearable disturbance, desperation, had to choose the alarm. Currently, Lee has been prosecuted Minhou procuratorate. (reporter correspondent Zheng Qiang Zhu Minmin) original title: the man took indecent video extortion Fuzhou Beauty College Students相关的主题文章:

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