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Instructors say girls, appropriate? After the end of an editorial Shandong military training, instructors to the freshman freshman girls openly confession, live photos online heat transfer. This group of pictures shows that some instructors knelt to confession; what is more on campus openly make intimate action. Military training in the love scenes, and so stately, does not cover shelter, let many people find it difficult to accept. It is worth mentioning that, last year, a school in Henan has also occurred in the event of instructors confession girls. The story of the romance between the instructor and the girls may have been a hidden landscape in military training. But is it appropriate to do so? Is it only a love relationship between the instructors and the students? Instructors assigned to the task of the university to guide military training, he is in the performance of duties, and female students to establish a love relationship, there may be a conflict between public and private ethics. In fact, between teachers and students, between doctors and patients, between the upper and lower, can not unconditionally allow love freedom". "Relationship type easily distort the waterside pavilion" is not a clear deterioration, voluntary line and stress. Before, there have been too many because of the love of teachers and students caused by the crime and campus conflicts, so many western colleges and universities explicitly prohibit the love of teachers and students in the University, will be listed as workplace taboo. Also worth mentioning is that the military is a special career, love and marriage have special discipline requirements. "Chinese people’s Liberation Army sergeant management regulations" provisions of article thirty-second, in principle, to find the object of marriage sergeant in the army headquarters, "for orphans and disabled persons and individuals over the age of 30 years, and returned to find the object is difficult to find in the garrison Sergeant requirements like, should be strictly controlled, approved by the political authority level above". Of course, the beauty and the hero is a classic literary theme. However, any literary theme must be placed under the reality of legal and ethical considerations, to avoid the "beauty of literature" and the ethical conflicts caused by the actual harm. According to reports, after the incident was disclosed, the army and the school has launched an investigation, which shows the importance of the event, as well as concerns about civil opinion. We expect the authorities to give a clear definition of whether such behavior violates discipline? [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章:

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