International General Aviation Conference of the victims of the pilot for the American the

International General Aviation Convention for American pilots were killed   the cause of the accident is under investigation, the society — original title: International General Aviation Convention for American pilots were killed in the accident is under investigation in new network on 27 August, according to the Zhangye province Gansu City Foreign Affairs Office official micro-blog news, 10:47 on August 27th, the first Silk Road (Zhangye) international aviation the flight performance of an aircraft, the flight demonstration team Shenyang Airlines flight home culture media Limited (XA42 N344XA) of the invitation, in the stunt flying, no audience crashed at the airport fence outside, no casualties on the ground. After the crash, the scene immediately launched an emergency rescue plan, rescue workers rushed to the scene to rescue the first time, at present, the general assembly site order. According to the international practice of flight flight performance, the specific performance of the command by the foreign flight commander Richard command, the pilot has confirmed the death. The day of flight performance and other meteorological conditions in line with the requirements of flight performance, the flight is performed in accordance with the provisions of the project and the program, the provisions of the airspace within the scope of the normal aerobatic flight. Cause of the accident is under investigation. The first Silk Road (Zhangye) International Maritime Conference Organizing Committee decided to continue performing this afternoon, about 14 time to start. (commissioning editor: Cui Dong)相关的主题文章:

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