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Automobiles In the long history of turbocharger’s invention and development for nearly a century, Garret Company plays a vital role. Today, it is the biggest kkk turbocharger in the world with the daily production amount of 30 thousand turbochargers. The cooperative companies of Garrett turbochargers include Audi, BMW, Daimler-Benz, Ford, Chrysler, Renault, Saab and Volkswagen. In the product series of garrett turbochargers , the most famous item would be ball bearing turbo series. It has been proved on the top level of branded value. Ball bearing can be listed as the popular turbocharger bearing technology in the world. In such product design, the central axis and the middle gearing bottom are surrounded by a ring of metal balls, which assist the rotation. The advantage of such Garrett turbocharger is with smaller resistance from rotating, so the turbocharger delay can be shortened. Therefore, it can endure quicker rotating speed, and the central rotation’s balance effect can be nearly perfect. However, its weakness is on the expensive price on ball gearing turbocharger. Additionally, too small turbocharger’s lubricate oil entry would make its durability poorer compared with floating gearing. But, Garrett turbocharger’s quality has passed the strict tests in many world-class championships. It would not meet problem on durability in normal condition. Introduction of Garrett turbocharger’s product classifications There are so many item series in Garrett turbocharger product family. The most basic classified items are based on different labels of GT25, GT28, GT3, GT4 and GT5 to tell the sizes. The wind entry amount of GT25 is smaller than GT5. And then, such Garrett turbochargers would be classified as per A/R level with Trim sectional division. Besides, Garrett turbochargers also own the hybrid turbo designs like GT3 with GT4. Commonly, the recent Garrett turbocharger designs have replaced original T series by GT series with the label of “GTXXYYZZ”. In this label, “XX” stands for the max diameter of related turbocharger’s turbine impeller. For instance, GT2860RS means such Garrett turbocharger uses the turbine impeller with the max diameter of 53.85mm. “YY” stands for the largest diameter of compressor impeller. For instance, GT2860RS means that it applies the compressor impeller with the max diameter of 60mm. And, GT4202 means its largest diameter of compressor impeller is 102mm. “ZZ” stands for the special device deployment. “R” in GT2860RS stands for round-ball gearing, and “S” stands for the different compressor impeller with the same turbine impeller design. Such design can be used as hybrid turbo. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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