Iran’s oil minister Russia yield freeze too absurd-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Iran’s oil minister: Russia yield freeze plan too "ridiculous" FX168 news Iran oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said on Tuesday (February 23rd), Saudi Arabia and Russia’s frozen production proposal is "ridiculous", because in the years of sanctions, Iran is seeking to increase production. Zanganeh stressed that Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar that oil producing countries will yield limit in the January level scheme is "unrealistic requirements for Iran". He said, "this is very ridiculous, they proposed to freeze the amount of their production, Nissan 10 million barrels in the frozen, but to Iran to freeze production increase of 1 million barrels a day plan. If Iran’s crude oil output drops, it will almost certainly be filled by neighbouring countries." Oil prices have fallen by 40% over the past year because of global oversupply, and the three OPEC oil producing countries and Russia are trying to reverse the situation. Iran plans to increase its daily output by 1 million barrels this year after the international sanctions imposed on Iran’s oil industry were cancelled last month. In addition, the Saudi oil minister Naimi (Ali Al-Naimi) on Tuesday at the CERAWeek meeting urged oil producing countries "solidarity" to fight against bad in decades of industry environment, and pointed out that more countries will yield with freezing can effectively improve the situation of excess supply. However, it is clear that the output freeze is not a harbinger of production reduction, and insists that the Saudi Arabia will not reduce production. In addition, he did not mention the production problems in Iran, the market generally believes that Iran will become a series of actions the biggest obstacle, because it will fully recover crude oil production has repeatedly stressed in the sanctions after. He added, "the production of frozen inevitable market will bring hope, but we will not cut production, because of lack of trust between producers now." Proofing: Mac goes into Sina Finance shares

伊朗石油部长:沙俄产量冻结计划太“荒谬”   FX168讯 伊朗石油部长Bijan Namdar Zanganeh周二(2月23日)表示,沙特与俄罗斯提出的冻结产量建议是“荒谬的”,因为在多年制裁之后,伊朗正在寻求增加产量。   Zanganeh强调,沙特、俄罗斯、委内瑞拉和卡塔尔建议产油国将产量限制在1月份水平的方案是对伊朗“不切实际的要求”。   他称,“这非常荒谬,他们提出要冻结产量,他们的日产量冻结在1000万桶,但要伊朗冻结日产量提高100万桶的计划。如果伊朗原油产量下降,基本会被邻国填补。”   因为全球供应过剩,油价在过去一年下跌了40%,上述三个OPEC产油国及俄罗斯正在设法扭转局面。在针对伊朗石油行业的国际制裁上个月取消后,伊朗计划今年将日产量提高100万桶。   另外,沙特石油部长欧那密(Ali Al-Naimi)周二在CERAWeek会议上强烈要求产油国“团结一致”共同对抗数十年来最恶劣的行业环境,并指出更多国家配合冻结产量将能有效改善供应过剩局面。   然而,欧那密却明确表示产量冻结并不是减产的先兆,坚称沙特不会减产。此外,他并未提起伊朗的产量问题,目前市场普遍认为伊朗将成为一系列行动最大的阻碍,因其多次强调将在制裁后全力恢复原油产量。   欧那密补充道,“产量冻结必然会给市场带来希望,但我们不会削减产量,因为现在产油国之间缺乏信任。”   校对:Mac 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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