Iraqi troops still face fierce fighting in eastern

The Iraqi army into eastern Mosul district still faces fierce battle – Beijing, Beijing, November 4, according to the U.S. cable television (CNN) 3 reported that the Iraqi defense ministry spokesman said the Iraqi army for the first time in more than two years into the control by extremist groups in Mosul, captured the city of Eastern District Saar Internet (Intisar). Reported that breaking the eastern border of Mosul, is the most important breakthrough in the operation. But officials also warned that entering Mosul could trigger the most intense fighting. CNN quoted the Iraqi military sources said Iraqi security forces killed 2 Dutch act bombers in Internet Thrall, at least 6 car bomb detonated. Witnesses said the north of Mosul was a massive air strikes and shelling. Local time on October 17th morning, Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi on national television in a televised speech, announced the recovery of Iraq’s second largest city Mosul campaign officially started. U.S. military members said that the fight against the Islamic state of the international alliance bombed extremist groups of the fleet, bridges, IED plants and 2 tunnels. In addition, due to increased conflict, hundreds of residents out of Mosul. The Iraqi defense ministry official Ibrahim said, with the troops broke through the Mosul border, the Iraqi army opened up a safety line, allowing civilians to evacuate from the front point sal. CNN said that the entry into Mosul is a major breakthrough in Iraqi forces, but this stage of the attack is full of great challenges. Closer to the city, the army is facing a more intense battle, just sweeping the first two blocks in eastern Mosul, and extremist organizations have a fierce conflict. How to distinguish the extremists and Iraqi civilians, is one of the challenges facing. The Iraqi joint operations command, published in the October 31st local time statement, announced that the military has launched the siege of Mosul action. According to the Iraqi army intelligence, extremist militants have forced back to the west, and most of the residents moved to the old city, in an attempt to use the terrain advantage street fighting with government forces. Pictured in November 1st, a boy near Mosul, Iraq, pulling livestock from extremist organizations controlled villages fled. In the face of the Iraqi army and extremist organizations face the same time, the coalition forces from other directions to try to squeeze their space. 3, there are some indications that this strategy is taking effect. Witnesses said the air strikes in the past few days forced extremist groups to give up most of the indoor checkpoints, only at night to manage it. Mosul was occupied by extremist groups in June 2014, its headquarters in iraq. After two years of the war on terror, the Iraqi government forces have recovered all the cities occupied by extremist groups in addition to Mosul. Liberation of Mosul’s military operations in the early morning of October 17th. Iraqi troops and police forces and Kurdish forces backed by the U.S. – led coalition air force began to attack Mosul.相关的主题文章:

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