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Jiang Shuying International Film Festival winner at the audience forget the name – remember the role of Sohu Sohu Jiang Shuying Entertainment Entertainment News Australia local time on the evening of October 30th, the third session of the China Australia International Film Festival ended in Sydney city. In the movie "by Jiang Shuying Weicheng" in the performances, won the "best actress" award. The earliest Jiang Shuying film had given her encouragement and recognition of director Stanley Kwan was also sitting in the audience, in turn can guide to receive this award before she said he is very lucky, also expect to be able to create more film roles, at the same time, Jiang Shuying also hope that the audience can forget their names and remember their characters. Jiang Shuying appeared in Sydney sought after hundreds of fans arrived in Sydney airport on the same day, Jiang Shuying dressed in a denim jacket collocation black sunglasses at the airport. To her surprise, nearly a hundred local fans enthusiastically pick up, let her feel the exotic fans. At the same time, hundreds of local fans also organized a close interaction with Jiang Shuying will meet fans, everyone in the field of enthusiasm, from time to time shouting "I love you!" So, Jiang Shuying on stage and she is shy, return to bring their own to the fans to express thanks to local fans in small gifts around. In recent years, Jiang Shuying acting by more and more famous director and producer of all ages, by virtue of "Youth", "best", "ex good gentleman" and many other works in the wonderful performance, has been more recognized by the audience. This year, directed by the famous Hongkong film director Benny Chan’s "siege", in which the soul of Jiang Shuying character "Bai Ling". Female teachers in the gritty, has also become a piece of "siege" battle origin. Jiang Shuying was shot in Xiamen, the annual drama "the way to send flowers" is finished, is expected early next year on Jiangsu TV, dragon tv. Thanks to director Stanley Kwan hopes the audience forget Jiang Shuying remember the role of the ceremony, Jiang Shuying dressed in black collar retro tail skirt elegant appearance, slim cut a perfect waist, neat flaming lips charming makeup collocation and does not lose the atmosphere. With outstanding performance in the movie "siege" of Jiang Shuying won "best supporting actress" award.   相关的主题文章:

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