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Jiao Yulu’s granddaughter has monitor   54 in Henan only provided clearance of female – Net – Figure 1: focus on people.com.cn in my spare time out grandpa photos of mourning. Figure 2: focus on tactical training in troops. Shen Dongdong photo to the party organization to move closer to the process, is a step by step to enhance the process of self……" National Day on the eve of the fifty-fourth army regiment recruits education class, a record just to the Academy in Jiao Yulu, granddaughter of the regiment corporal focal growth force the original video, caused by the new warriors, especially student soldiers strong resonance. The focal stress brought along his grandmother grew up, lived in the Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall opposite. The answer, she made the ambition: "I am not only grandpa’s blood transmission, but also to be a good spiritual heir." After graduating from Guizhou University in 2013, decided to join the army to serve the country focus. Into the camp after the focus found around many members of body flashing grandpa’s shadow: a national model for earthquake relief, the missile instructor Pan Mingwang charge before each Xianchong task; monitor Chen Kunpeng Aijun Jingwu, often in the contest zhaijinduoyin…… Surrounded by Party members, the focus of the party’s desire for power is more intense. "To enter the door of the party, first look good." Coke says. She set myself the task: first, standard training for leaders. In order to enhance the military physical fitness, her daily run two to 3 kilometers in order to enhance the professional skills, unshakable; she overtime theory practice, even under the age of 1 months will be the first recruits on duty. A winter tour, focus on the left knee injury recurrence, she can tolerate the pain along the way. In spite of the cold wind, the clothes were soaked with sweat…… In second years, has become a monitor, and become the backbone of the business focus, solemnly submit an application to join the party to Party branch of company. In July last year, Jiao was approved as a probationary member. Since then, the focus of more stringent demands on their own, all models lead. Once, all male soldiers set out their duties, the company placed in front of more than a dozen professional equipment box. All of a sudden the dark clouds rolling, a heavy rain is coming. "How to do? The equipment box equipment can not be in the rain." Look at the heavy box equipment, several female company left behind impatient. "Everyone together, the first lift precision components!" The first to rush out of coke, raised half a meter high equipment box to indoor transfer. In her drive, women shoulder hand, quickly put the equipment handling is completed, the focal arm was force to draw a blood hole. Task force, focus in life, but she resolutely; discreet: pocket at any time with Kleenex, see the company Junrongjing, billboards, stains, readily clean; at night before going to bed, corridor and toilet to turn again, and turn off the lights to ensure water…… In July this year, the college students soldiers provided examination, coke become army only one pass the admission scores of women. What makes her happy is that she has qualified to become a full Party member. That night, she wrote in her diary to tell Grandpa: today, I officially became a party member, the next day will continue along your way. Please rest assured that your spirit is flowing in my veins…… )相关的主题文章:

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