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Ji’nan hospital outpatient increase 20% class children autumn cold "people leave 22 early in the morning, Mr. Han Ji’nan people just open the children in the kindergarten class of WeChat group, a series of leave information greets," teacher, the child caught a cold cough a bit, take two days off "," teacher, blossoming again today for a day"…… Mr. Han quipped this cold child’s class is "The whole army was wiped out". 19, about half past two in the afternoon, Ji’nan City MCH pediatric charge window is still a long row of the team, the inside of the transfusion room is filled with holding the child transfusion parents everywhere as one falls, another rises cough. "Because of the recent decline in temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, cold cold particularly children, recently our hospital patients do a lot more." More than 5 at 19 PM, director of the Ji’nan municipal maternal and child health hospital emergency department Liu Zhigang watched the last children by their parents out of the emergency room, gently sigh of relief, the day Liu Zhigang admissions of more than and 80 patients, "ward beds are running at full load, have no beds." Liu Zhigang told reporters that some time ago, the amount of hospital outpatient department of pediatrics is generally stable at about 500 people a day, recently suddenly increased to a total of more than and 600 passengers. "The most cold have a fever and cough or diarrhea in children, the children are sick, today there are more than and 20 because of diarrhea." Shandong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital pediatric chief physician Yan Zhaojun also said that the Mid Autumn Festival after the last few days of outpatient amount increased a lot, "a day in the morning to see the more than and 60 children, of which about 20% is allergic disease, including allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic purpura." "Although the daytime temperature sometimes is still relatively high, but with the change of our body has entered the solar term, Yang convergence stage, the body began to take the initiative to save energy, the surface temperature will decline, the role of mucosal barrier will decrease, a variety of bacteria and viruses to attack to respiratory system and digestive system." Yan Zhaojun said that the outside temperature is also conducive to the survival and spread of bacteria and viruses, including rotavirus, hand, foot and mouth disease. (Qilu Evening News reporter Chen Xiaoli · Qilu point) [the manuscript contains text, images and audio and video data, all copyrights are the Qilu Evening News, any media or individuals shall not be reproduced without authorization, and offenders will be prosecuted according to law. ]相关的主题文章:

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