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Ji’nan purchase settled threshold if the 30 level down 4489 can increase the "new citizen" in Shandong, the transfer of rural population is still settled in the city will is not strong, the employment situation is poor, difficult to purchase, enjoy social welfare is relatively poor and the small towns of comprehensive carrying capacity of the overall weak, the problem of rural population transfer is not attractive enough. 26 afternoon, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference held to promote the transfer of rural population into the city faster and better consultation, according to estimates, Ji’nan purchase settled threshold if from 90 square meters to 60 square meters lower, will increase 400 thousand to 50 Wanda settled standard personnel. [Topic 1] urban and rural two-way circulation to settle long-term urban population in rural areas, the rural homestead can buy recommendations before the provincial CPPCC Committee for social and legal aspects of our province transfer of rural population into the city to conduct research, and the formation of the report. The suggestions of perfecting the rural collective economic organization members identified standards, and gradually realize the rural collective economic organization members of the collective property rights and income distribution rights and the change of domicile decoupling, lifting of the rural population to the city settled the menace from the rear. It is also proposed that in urban and rural areas require bidirectional circulation, eliminate the urban population in rural areas to the barriers to the flow of the urban population to the opening of the pilot channel to explore the countryside flow conditions to settle the long-term employment in rural and urban population open rural homestead market. To strengthen the protection of labor rights and interests of the rural population, and to improve the social insurance transfer. 2] [Topic City located in the release of Ji’nan purchase settled threshold if low to 60 square meters, up by 500 thousand people turned the city, has been the concern of identity conversion. To this end, the provincial CPPCC in the Research Report recommended the establishment of the conditions for the relaxation of collective households, allowing organs, groups, private non enterprise units, such as the establishment of affordable housing district collective households. Currently, Shandong has taken the lead in achieving community collective households. "But from the establishment, the collective households and households against each other, so the collective households can not set up households." Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy chief Chen Aiguo said. Many participants suggested lowering the city settled standards, smooth transfer of population settled channels. According to reports, the Ji’nan 90 square meters of the purchase settled conditions as an example, if the threshold is reduced to 60 square meters, will be increased to four million population settled standards. In Qingdao, this settled standards will reduce or increase the more qualified outsiders". But there are CPPCC members suggested that the city can not be completely blind to open the policy, to consider the carrying capacity of the city, the city should still implement the integration system. Source: Ji’nan times相关的主题文章:

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