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Jingdong X labs debut unmanned warehouse will participate in double 11 activities – Sohu technology Sohu Cui Peng science and technology article with dual 11 approaches, the home appliance makers are preparing in wildly beating gongs and drums. October 26th, Jingdong X business intelligence logistics laboratory for the first time to the outside world of technology and product display. The laboratory is mainly responsible for the automatic warehouse scene robot, artificial intelligence algorithms and data aware network building, the display technology has been a part of this year will be double 11 into the Jingdong in the logistics system. Jingdong’s new unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned vehicles were also unveiled on the open day. Jingdong X division president Xiao Jun said that the current electricity providers Chinese logistics is still in manual handling first generation mode, completed in 2014 the Jingdong Asia one automated logistics center, will enhance the level of logistics to the second generation technology, the appearance of "unmanned warehouse" represents a new third generation logistics system technology. Xiao Jun said to the media, the Jingdong "no position is the independent research and development of customized and systematic integrated logistics solutions, has completely independent intellectual property rights, no warehouse Jingdong made a breakthrough technology in a large number of control algorithm, industrial design, mechanical structure, electrical design, application and other aspects, a total of more than 100 patent applications a. The unmanned warehouse scheme features the use of intelligent logistics robot coordination and cooperation, through deep learning, artificial intelligence, image recognition, big data applications and other technology, make the traditional industrial robot with independent judgment and behavior, to adapt to the commodity types and forms, different application scenarios, to perform complex tasks. According to the data provided by the Jingdong, the current storage efficiency of unmanned warehouse is 10 times more than the traditional beam shelf storage efficiency, speed up to 3600 parallel robot picking hours, the equivalent of the traditional artificial 5-6 times. Jingdong no warehouse will be used to solve the complex procedures and a large number of human resources storage and other issues, and unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned vehicles will solve the problem of rural and urban terminal distribution of the last mile. Xiao Jun revealed to the media, in the 618 Jingdong UAV delivery in rural areas after the trial operation, during the double 11 Jingdong independent research and development of new UAV will be in a different environment, landscape more delivery, to prepare for the comprehensive promotion. And in September began to test the road Jingdong unmanned distribution vehicle will start trial operation in the double 11, first in the Beijing area for some users to carry out distribution.相关的主题文章:

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