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JINGWAH times: Xu Ting behind the three topic space – View – people.com.cn original title: Xu Ting behind the three topic space the first time that actor Xu Ting’s name, because she died of cancer, looked at her slender arms and had beautiful face, so sad. The 26 year old beautiful girl left the world’s first layer of the topic of contemporary Fan Shengmei. Her long hair micro-blog disease: "the university did not finish with 300 blocks began to drift North cellar, five years desperately to earn money to pay tuition, filming brother to pay the rent, buy a house, pay for their parents…… Many times late filming, tired of lumbar disc herniation is still winter bubble filming in ice water, pressure suffocatively come, five years took dozens of play money to home, never willing to spend……" Read this paragraph of my first reaction, unless the Xu Ting family is wealthy, or to raise seven children, how can a good family. Why are there so many children in order to have a baby? Old Xu Ting, beautiful aura, movie money, and filial piety, obviously became a pillar and ATM machines at home, she is so energetic, alexander. She said in micro-blog, "every time I get paid, the house to make money and have a little sense of achievement! Instantly feel busy again tired and then all deserve! In fact, I hope to achieve personal value is very simple, that my parents proud of me." Xu Ting will give his birthday, mother to 50 thousand, if not Alipay limit, will turn 100 thousand, thanks to raisegraciousness. Xu Ting is indeed an enhanced version of Fan Shengmei. See the "Ode to joy", I do not understand her father and mother Fan Shengmei is very demanding, in the circle of friends Tucao said too exaggerated, this is father mother? Boys so naked, the daughter regardless of life or death. The WeChat message, in particular, said a lot of friends in reality Shengmei fan told me a story, they own the original family, nurturing to parents the most willing to bleed, sure, no turning back, this is a kind of affection on the significance of Stockholm syndrome, relatives to have sustained and sensory enjoyment, the family is the power of her life for her anything, no regrets. Presumably Xu Ting is one of them, he found himself cancer, heart grievances and pressure was released, "when I got cancer after that there was a ray of light, I feel like I’m free……" The second level of the topic space is the artist’s non busy. Read Xu Ting’s micro-blog, from dawn to dusk in hot summer and cold winter filming is normal, all the time flies, the morning is still chasing north of sunrise, the night has been run in the South…… So the body’s immune system to overdraft, instead, to catch up with the gene weak point, minor warning, serious illness is the result of. A lot of big stars in this way too, their paycheck and astonishing wealth, even alerted the management, the price is too busy too tired too involuntarily, no privacy. Including Xu Ting this little-known star, her hard work has strong ability to give. Think about my 90 small colleagues, basically have no ability to his birthday to my mother today to turn 50 thousand, turn again tomorrow, 50 thousand. Most of them are moonlight family, buy a car to rely on family support for the first phase of the car. If you have the ability, who is not willing to give, to give happiness相关的主题文章:

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