Jinhua enterprises can reduce the cost of construction waste cement 18 yuan per ton-hamimelon

Jinhua construction waste can be used to reduce the cost of cement per ton of 18 yuan per ton of construction waste, if the pile height of 5 meters, open up about 2.5 acres of land occupied by stacking. According to the relevant departments of statistics, Jinhua city every year to produce about 1 million tons of construction waste. How to deal with so much rubbish? Incineration is bound to bring air pollution; landfill, it is estimated that the remaining life of the existing landfill is almost 5.8 years. "In fact, construction waste is not really a waste, a waste can." As Jinhua took the lead in using one of the construction waste recycling of cement enterprises, Shao Jun Lee of Zhejiang Jinyuan India Cements Limited deputy general manager said, the material of construction waste in the waste bricks and other selected, can be directly used as cement raw material grinding. At present, Jinhua has a total of four cement production enterprises in this way to achieve waste recycling, recycling of construction waste each year, about 300000 tons. Recycling of construction waste before going through the two screening, rumbling……" Just stepped into the circle of cement concrete construction waste sorting plant, far from the sound of digging machines roar. A dozen workers are busy sorting out the waste concrete, waste bricks and other substances. On the left side of the road, stacked with 8 meters high, about more than 8 thousand tons of non construction waste sorting; the right is the raw materials have been completed, about 5 meters high, about more than 2 thousand tons. The office director Zhou Guofang told reporters comprehensive Jinyuan cement resources, the left side of the more than 8 thousand tons of construction waste brick is treated only to the factory wastes disposal. The company will be responsible for the removal of construction waste and garbage separation, the equivalent of doing a screening. Pull to our factory, but also through manual sorting and reprocessing to recycle." I saw workers wearing gloves carrying a bamboo basket, while picking up construction waste garbage coerced, while the construction waste steel bricks of knock out tools. "Construction waste bricks, sand and so on are the main materials for recycling. Huang Zhuanzhan is the largest, although it is used, but it is still active, can also make use of two times." Construction waste sorting plant administrator Yu Jianyong said. Daily economic news reporter noted that the sort of construction waste which contains a variety of waste, the color is deeper. After sorting through the construction workers waste fresh and dry, the two very large contrast. Yu Jianyong said that if the weather is good, one day may be more than 200~300 tons of sorting, sorting clean, you can pull to crush the use of. In order to provide high quality raw materials, sorting and crushing of these two processes is very strict checks. Zhou Guofang told reporters that if the construction waste sorting is not clean, increase production equipment wear and tear, reduce the production of cement table. Construction waste as raw materials to reduce the construction cost of nearly 18 yuan per ton of crushed waste bricks, sand and other substances to replace part of the waste materials such as coal, limestone, greatly reduces the cost of production. From last year to October this year, the company has successfully recycled 140 thousand tons of construction waste. Compared with the previous purchase of raw materials, the use of construction waste is now more prominent economic benefits. It can be said that the cost of building waste as raw material is cheaper." Zhou Guofang to reporters calculations, the construction waste purchasing cost about 18 yuan, picking costs about 8 tons.相关的主题文章:

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