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Arts-and-Entertainment It seems that after last weeks episode of Justified, and the amazing laughs it gave us, and of course the a lot of opened stories that didnt get tied off, on this weeks episode, we got a lot more of those, as we are still laughing form last weeks episode, and we are only adding stories that need to get tied off. For example, we have no clue what is planned to happen to Dickie Bennett. Another question is how the heck would all of the things that Quarles has going will play out, what is his end game, and will it be to his benefit or harm. So the show kicks off at Audreys as we see two ladies watching naked Quarles in bed and they are having fun with his gun and as it seems he has convinced these ladies to get high alongside him. And we also get to see the four of Arlo, Ava, Johnny and Boyd are discussing the amount of money that they will get if they actually hand over Quarles. And while they are talking about this, Errol enters thought the door and asks if he alongside another person can speak with them. That other person was none other than Dickie, and he was very afraid and was having second thoughts of entering, and he was right, because as soon as he enters, Boyd gets on him and starts eating him up and he wraps his head in a plastic bag, and its then when Errol starts to spill his beans, as he started talking on how they got a plan to get Dickies man back. On another note, we see Raylan goes to talk to the Sherriff, Sheriff Napier. As he is trying to locate Quarles, so Napier tells him that Quarles is In Audreys. Then the screen goes back to Audreys while we see Quarles in the bed with the two girls getting high. And we see a man entering the place who succeeds to take the girls attention so Quarles can get the jump and the chance to get on them and escape, and indeed he escapes and the girls and Jimmy end up being locked up. Back to the whole Ava and Boyd and the rest of the guys story, as we see Errol speaking about Limehouse, and how he has his money safe and sound in a deposit box back at the Harlan Bank. And now its clear why he wants Boyd in on it, its because Boy has already stole from this bank before, so he has the experience needed to pull this off. So he wants Ava and Arlo to check out and stake the bank to know all about it. This isnt all, as the episode still had a lot more than this, and all in all it was an amazing episode with a lot of interesting events, it is surely going to make us eager to catch the next episode. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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