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Korean audience is not interested in Korean "" startling step by step middle – Beijing, Washington by Lee Jun-ki, Lee Ji Eun, Jiang River that starred in the drama "hot" startling step by step: Li, has broadcast three weeks. "Li" rescreens the startling step by step: free Donghwasa novel, Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng and other ancient costume drama starring "startling step by step". Youku Video to $8 million price, open the drama of China’s independent broadcast copyright. Therefore, early in August 29th before the launch, the show has become the focus of their concern to the audience in China and South korea. But what is unexpected is that the collection of the high value of the actor’s "Yan Li:" startling step by step, but cold in Korea, continuous ratings (TV time with bottom column bottom). According to Youku video data, as of last night’s deadline, the amount of network drama play approaching 600 million. At the same time, the theme of the play micro-blog reading about 2 billion 300 million. However, as the most popular Korean drama in China, the show’s reputation, but not as exciting as its broadcast data. At present, the play is only 6.2 points, far below the average rating for its twice the same file drama "cloud painting Moonlight" (7.6 points) (). Where is the problem? The answer given by the Chinese and Korean audience is very similar. One of the most criticized by the audience, is a starring acting. The main advantage of this drama, Yan is of high value, Lord Lee Ji Eun, Lord Lee Jun-ki, male female, male two and played several Jiang River of the prince’s uniform, handsome and beautiful. But the 5 set down, really can get acting as an actor recognized starring, only Lee Jun-ki and Jiang that. And as actress Lee Ji Eun, and several other starring performance by many viewers Tucao, "Lee Jun-ki with an eye of acting, propped up the whole movie", "in addition to a male male two, other princes are funny". In addition to the cast of the acting, the costumes, makeup and props, and so on, but also by the audience questioned. For example, the three prince with shining gold earrings, Eyeliner painted better than play all female characters are obviously; it is the palace without any atmosphere of the scene and the most luxurious furnishings, all the princes of Royal enjoyment, is a public bath room. In addition, the protagonist’s adaptation, but also allow many viewers can not accept. The original "" startling step by step, the main female O’Young gentle quiet, aloof, and Korean women are more like the swallow". The male Korean version of the four prince changes more, he is not only young mother disfigured and abandoned, as was also sent to a proton palace, and the beast to fight the dark days. However, it is worth mentioning that there are a lot of friends think Korean version is simply the original story of "translation", and the overhead of the whole historical background. But in fact, "Li" is not a startling step by step: a copy of the original "Kangxi Di won nine" story, but was in Korea during the reign of Wang Jian dynasty emperor, prince you seize Royal History, several princes are actually existed in the history. However, this complicated history, even a lot of Korean viewers are not aware of. At present a few sets to better相关的主题文章:

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