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Korean media: Chinese in Jeju has committed local intends to improve the visa system – Beijing Reference News Network reported on September 20th Korean media said, there are more than 2 million Chinese came to Jeju Island every year. In Jeju Island, the crime rate in China is increasing rapidly, accounting for nearly 70% of the total number of foreign crime. According to South Korea, "Central Daily News" website reported on September 19th, according to the Jeju police department statistics, as of 7 at the end of this year, the 347 foreign suspects 240 people from Chinese, accounting for 69.2% of the total number, and Chinese in the recent three years the number of crimes in South Korea are increasing every year, 2013 134, 2014 for specific 194 people, 260 people in 2015. Reported that, during the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, Jeju lotus hole in a 61 year old woman was a China tourists stabbed and killed; prior to September 12th, 8 Chinese had beaten the hostess and guests in a restaurant or the city of Jeju. Professor Huang Zhengyi International University of Jeju police administrative department said, "the police should expand personnel to prevent foreigners crime, and should achieve immigration management and emergency information exchange between the police and the government, it is necessary to discuss the visa free policy". Jeju governor Yuan Xilong on the 17 day the Catholic Church homicide said, "this is a very regrettable and tragic event, we will prepare the corresponding countermeasures to prevent similar incidents from happening again". According to Yonhap reported on September 19th, malignant cases South Korea Jeju government and the national intelligence service and the local judiciary organs on the afternoon of 19 emergency meeting to discuss the recent foreign tourists in the local successive manufacturing, in response to public concern. Reported that the case is not only the frequent occurrence of panic in the local, but also aroused a call for a comprehensive examination of foreign tourists visa immigration policy calls. 18 South Korea launched a petition to open the website of the DAUM visa waiver policy activities in Jeju, only one day, the consent of the signing of the joint. Jeju governor Yuan Xilong said that despite the public opinion of visa system operation, but must first comprehensive survey of the assessment of other countries visa system and operation of tourism, economic and diplomatic influence on the visa system to try to perfect. Yuan Xilong pointed out that the current system to focus on providing a visa free and convenient service to facilitate the entry of tourists, but also need to study the acquisition of fingerprint information, such as the identity of the exit is sufficient. Yuan Xilong believes that foreign tourists frequent crime not only a problem in Jeju, but the problem of the national level in suspense, and on the same day call South Korean Prime Minister Huang, an autonomous administrative department and the legal department chief executive Hong Yunzhi Jin Xianxiong, asked the central government to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. Yuan Xilong also urged the Chinese side through the Consulate General of China in Jeju to study in-depth and comprehensive countermeasures. Reported that the Chinese Consulate in Jeju China Vice Consul Xiuming industry was deeply regret, but also stressed that the case is only the case, Chinese government has been in the education of outbound tourists tourism destination comply with the law, abide by the laws of the Republic of Korea also in educating visitors traveling to Jeju.相关的主题文章:

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