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South Korean media: China’s electric vehicle market competition is fierce 9 enterprises among the world’s top 20 – News Network reported that South Korean media said that China is actually the world’s largest electric vehicle market. According to the China electric vehicle network resource prediction, in the first half of this year China sold a total of 122 thousand and 678 electric vehicles, ranking first in the world, more than the United States (64 thousand and 57), France (18 thousand and 631) automobile power. According to South Korea, Central Daily reported on September 29th, the result is because the Chinese government to implement the policy on the development of BYD had an impact. But that’s not the whole reason. Review how the Chinese government is promoting the electric vehicle industry. First of all, in the manufacturing enterprises to provide a large number of subsidies at the same time, to guide the car manufacturers to compete, many Chinese companies in this period have mushroomed into the electric car market. Next is to reduce subsidies, the implementation of policies to strengthen the competitiveness of electric vehicles, so that consumers can choose to replace the traditional electric vehicles. The central government to subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles to consumers, local governments have also taken the form of charging fees and other means of support, the longer the mileage to provide more subsidies. The advance in the electric vehicle market enterprises are facing is not recognized by consumers will be eliminated in the environment, in order to survive in the fierce competition must be innovation, improve the performance and efficiency of vehicles. Eventually, BYD became the world’s number one producer, which is mainly due to the fierce competition in China’s ecological system. This means that the competition between enterprises so that consumers have more choices, and get the most consumer recognition in China, BYD has been recognized by the world market. In fact, in addition to BYD in China there are many electric car manufacturers. In the first half of this year, the world’s largest sales of 20 enterprises, Chinese enterprises accounted for 9 (45%). Although lagging behind the world’s first BYD (43 thousand and 244 units), but Chinese BAIC (14 thousand and 584 units) sales have exceeded the production of electric cars "volt" famous American General Motors (12 thousand and 947 units). Jac (9720), Roewe (9231), the Thai (in the first half of the year 7863) sold thousands of electric vehicles business is everywhere. On the contrary, according to the Korea Automobile Industry Association, South Korea sold only 745 electric vehicles. President of the Korea Electric Vehicle Association Jin Mixiu (sound), "China began to cultivate an electric car industry from the policy in the late 00’s, on the contrary the Korean departmental policy is not unified, not the development of electric vehicles", "it is necessary to create a pan government wide tower".相关的主题文章:

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