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Korean media: Korea dominate the Asian Football card is Chinese koreaphobia AFC Champions League sports Sohu – Korean media screenshot   September 17th Beijing time news, South Korea K League two teams to Jeonbuk Hyundai, Seoul FC were eliminated in Shanghai on the Hong Kong and Shandong Luneng, hand cut AFC Champions League four, this also means that the South Korean team will clinch a finalists. The Japanese J league team The whole army was wiped out. in the 16 season, it also allows South Korean media shouted "K South Korea is to dominate the Asian Football League’s" declaration. Korean media said that South Korea is not only in recent years, the Asian Football gradually development is an indisputable fact. This year the winter window, Columbia striker Martinez, Brazil midfielder Augusto, Argentina striker Ravitch and other superstars to join in the summer transfer market also has the Italy striker Pelle with exceptional worth joining super powerhouse Shandong luneng. The Japanese J League is not far behind beaten, signing a record contract and huge broadcast rights, decided to expand the foreign aid from the start of the next season the number of places, to reproduce the old era of prosperity. However, "perhaps South Korea’s K Asian Football League is the one and only super league is a strong presence in the occupation, League unmatched." The report pointed out that with the Senegal star, Shandong Luneng Pelle Cisse and Hulk, Ji’an and other world-class foreign aid to help the Shanghai port respectively by K FC, Seoul League Jeonbuk two teams eliminated, "it can be said that South Korea has so far dominated or Asian football, this year AFC Champions League the semi-final. Two by the K League clash is proof of this statement. K is the strongest professional football league in asia. Although the top players such as Sun Xingmin have been drained into the Europa League, the K League is still at a high level. This is because the South Korean football deep decision." Korean media that the 2016 Rio Olympics, Japan’s Olympic group phase in phase out early, while South Korea promoted 8, also let the world see the strong South Korean football reserve forces. Reported that, for the "burst buy" world famous super team, K league team is also maintained as in the past the "strong domineering": "especially the North won 5-0 in the super force on Hong Kong, to a domestic China." 2018 World Cup finals in Russia (12), China and South Korea are in the same group A. The first two rounds, while in the second half "because of excessive underestimate the enemy South Korea was Chinese, team even pulled two goals, but South Korea still won 3-2." Korean media said, whether at the national team level 12 finals, or club team competition AFC Champions League, "South Korea team repeatedly beat China team, that lasted several decades the koreaphobia is actually an incurable disease." The report also pointed out that although South Korea’s foot and K in the domestic league suffered a lot of condemnation, "there are a lot of problems need to make up. But very disappointing in recent international competitions, maintained a strong South Korean football pride." (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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