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Korean media: Korean to win is not easy to be alert to Uzbekistan national security foreign aid – Sohu sports Korean media: South Korea want to win is not easy to be alert to Uzbekistan national security foreign aid   Beijing on November 14th news, the South Korean team in the local time tomorrow evening 8 o’clock in Seoul world Cup Stadium and the Uzbekistan team launched the 12 strong group A match of the fifth round of the competition. South Korean media pointed out that the South Korean team lost to 0-1 in the last month away from the Iran, 4 games, 2 wins, 1 draws and 1 negative points in the group of the top third, in order to retain the right to qualify for the world cup, the team must beat Uzbekistan." But it’s not easy for South Korea to win the game. Korean media said the South Korean team is currently ranked in Iran, Uzbekistan, only third. Home court and Uzbekistan game, is an important point of disagreement is better than the second half of the 12: "the relationship with the South Korean team can achieve the goal of reaching the world cup 9 times in a row. If Uzbekistan lost or tie, qualifying prospects will be South Korea’s very serious." Coach Stielike believes to Iran the main reason is the lack of self-confidence, so recently chose FIFA ranked only 110 of the Canadian team as the warm-up match, in the absence of Sun Xingmin, Ki and other main case, the South Korean team to 2-0 win over rivals. Reported that the South Korean team and Uzbekistan’s historical record of 13 wins and 3 defeats in 1 games, occupy an absolute advantage. The only 1 defeat was in the semi-final of the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima, when the South Korean team lost to rival 0-1. South Korean media said that Uzbekistan’s international ranking (48), although behind South Korea (44), but rely on ranking to determine the strength of the two teams is meaningless. Since the opening of the 12 games, Uzbekistan showed an excellent level of competition, the game lost only 1 goals, and lost the ball of the South Korean team compared to 5, apparently more stable defense." Uzbekistan has claimed to be known as the Korean faction midfielder Djeparov and other players: 2010-2011 had played in the K League in Seoul, FC, 2013 has been in the south, Ulsan and other teams play. The 34 year old veteran has so far represented Uzbekistan in the battle for the world’s first international tournament of the first class in the form of the spirit of the whole team, a team of 120. With the increase of age, he in the velocity field although not as good as before, but the experience and understanding of Korean football, will become a major weapon, but the Uzbek Buick." Korean media believes that the 23 year old new striker played in the super Beijing Guoan Sergeyev also need to be especially wary of the player. Stielike said: "Canada and Uzbekistan are not comparable with the opponent, in the game, the South Korean team to ensure higher accuracy of the ball." Korean media pointed out that South Korea to win Uzbekistan is not easy. Li Qinglong because of injury is still unknown, if he can not start, will be replaced by Huang Shancan and his position in the. After a lapse of 5 months to return to the national team Li Tingji state is good, will play the role of a single striker. Stielike has been worried about the left and right back is likely to be the recent performance of the good performance of the gold and gold, as the role of Pu Zhuhao." ()相关的主题文章:

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