Kunming Men’s fruitless petitions emotional knifed 3 passers-by (Figure)-jslottery

Kunming: Men’s fruitless petitions emotional knifed 3 passers-by (Figure) on-site disposal to treat the injured original title: Kunming, a man with a knife stabbed three people besieged the police to subdue Yunnan network (reporter Zhao Gang photography Zhao Zefeng Liao Wei) "the patrol team note that now there is a 40 year old man dressed in blue cut the masses, to Beijing road in the direction of, please quickly to dispose of emergency command", Captain Zhao Zefeng came over the intercom. In November 6th, a Kunming man with a knife knives people fled, "Liaodao" by the Kunming police in 80 meters. 15 day 05, KunMing Railway Station railway epidemic prevention station door, Sichuan man Yang Moumou, holding a kitchen knife and chopped three people, hurried to Beijing road in the direction of. Kunming City People’s Armed Police Detachment stationed in the train station unit for security alert sentry point Shu Yuangang corporal timely, quickly issued a warning signal. Each patrol team rushed to start to take action, dogged tactical means, the suspect will be over 80 meters in front of the gate. Subsequently, the suspect handed over to the scene of the Beijing Road police station. The transfer of the public security reporter learned that the man because of family tragedies after fruitless petition to stop manufacturing influence emotional control, cause the social concern in the train, the case is under further investigation, three people were injured have been rushed to the third people’s Hospital of Yunnan province for treatment, no danger.相关的主题文章:

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