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Left behind women’s experience: many lonely hours of terror with his head against the wall – Dutch act Beijing Liupanshui City Shuicheng County of Guizhou Province, Ji, 13 years old, Miao, the fourth grade, her family in the village is good, home to read for her. The devil Zhou Gangfeng photo carefully selected those most vulnerable targets: Ningxia Lingwu City, a gray kindergarten teacher was found raped 12 girls last year, of which 11 were rural left-behind children. Hunan, Youxian, a primary school teacher in the past 3 years, most of the girls in the class molested, almost all of the children left behind, the whistleblower said he was "dedicated to bullying" parents working outside the girls. In the past Chinese, almost a year on average every day with child abuse event is open – released this data China children’s culture and art foundation girls protection fund team stressed that the statistics are incomplete, poor information in rural society, sexual abuse is difficult to be found. Girls protection fund director Sun Xuemei explained: "in the city, the mass media is more, judicial coverage is also more perfect, and rural resources and channels are more scarce, parents may feel secretive, so rural such incidents are more subtle, more is not easy to let the world know." Lu Shizhen, a professor of education at China Youth University for Political Science and a professor of youth education, said that the problem of sexual victimization by left behind girls has become one of the most prominent social problems in china. She called attention to the plight of children left behind in today’s survival and development, should pay special attention to the girls left behind this huge population, not only from the perspective of the existing social problems, but also from the "development" from the perspective of the future Chinese. China has experienced more than 30 years of strong economic growth, as well as this pattern of the world’s rare population movements. A byproduct of this model, including those from parents in for a living, not lack of care and family migration left-behind children. In 2016 according to the latest diagnostic investigation, there are 9 million 20 thousand people don’t have parents care left-behind children 360 thousand of whom no one care. Some researchers believe that within the disadvantaged groups of children left behind, girls are more vulnerable groups. Chinese youth research center of children’s research institute director Sun Hongyan and her colleagues found that the degree of self acceptance was significantly lower than that of girls left behind boys, seemingly explicit aggression and implicit aggression scale is higher than that of boys. "Left behind girls are disadvantaged groups in left behind children." In 2004, Ye Jingzhong, President of the College of Humanities and development, China Agricultural University, said that he began to study the problem of left behind children in China and published the first monograph on left behind children in china. Many respondents told China Youth Daily reporter? Youth online, because of the influence of patriarchal ideology, when parents can choose a child with her upbringing, the boy is often selected. They feel they have been abandoned. Invisible people in those stories about abandoned, more likely to cause the attention of external events. In March 27, 2012, Sichuan Dazhu County, a woman will be against the sugar pesticide paraquat were two daughters and a son.)相关的主题文章:

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