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Lei Jun said the music owed to suppliers over 15 billion? LETV: to be good news – Sohu music and millet and choke up. Here, LETV founder Jia Yueting in November 6th just admitted that in recent months the supply chain pressure surge, limited funds, which greatly influence the development of mobile phone business. There, millet company spokesman fill knife, as music to inform investors and users in the end how much money owed to the supply chain. The afternoon of November 7th, @ music as ecological official micro-blog suddenly issued a suspected Lei Jun and others private WeChat dialogue screenshot. Screenshot shows, "Lei" in the chat said, "yesterday, several major suppliers and I said, LETV arrears amounted to 15 billion yuan more than four or five suppliers owed more than 1 billion yuan, an estimated four or five began to prosecute tomorrow." Although Jia admitted that the supply chain tension, but the music as strongly denied that the company does not exist in the case of huge sums owed. "As the wall never collapse, work is also no good. Your mobile phone is rolling, TV only, if black technology is black competitors means that you have to black technology……. @ lei…… In the day, a man must be good." As the music in micro-blog tough comeback. However, millet PR people told the surging news () denied the authenticity of the Lei WeChat dialogue screenshots, screenshots and Lei Jun also said suspected dialogue Sun Changxu (micro-blog certified as "chief analyst of international electronic business") micro-blog pictures suggest this is purely "baloney". As of press time, the reporter failed to contact Sun Changxu to comment. On this picture also not informed sources, letv. Although the picture is called false, but the company spokesman millet millet official micro-blog will not easily let go of music. Just half an hour later, millet responded that: 1, please pay attention to the music as their own supply chain problems, do not attempt to use the despicable means to divert attention. 2, please inform investors and users in the end how much money owed to the supply chain. From a mobile phone to enter the field of television, a mobile phone from the TV into the field, the music as a high degree of overlap with the millet business, business convergence also led to frequent mutual pinch. Prior to millet, said the music as a broadcast control platform alleged violations, music, said the response is being rectified. Then millet, said the TV as the music content is not rich, the former and in addition to the music, as well as other video sites, while the latter only the basic content of their own. Some analysts said, Lei Jun did not make sense to others and tear force, recently released the millet mobile phone concept MIX and several mobile phone market performance is good, millet busy hub of double 11 sales. Recently, the music as a bit annoying, deep in the mobile phone ecological capital chain fracture rumors. November 2nd, there have been reports from the media, the music as a supplier of about 10000000000, has been rejected supply. In order to ensure the smooth start of the electric car factory then, LETV even started using delayed wages, full payment of the user to stop shipments to raise cash flow for mobile phone. In this regard, November 3rd, LETV said in a statement, such as gratuitous rumors. In November 6th, Jia Yueting published a 5800 word letter inside, reflection LETV money expansion mode. Jia Yueting wrote,.相关的主题文章:

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