Lian Fang was elected Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party leader has been explosive dual nationalit

Lian Fang was elected Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party leader has been explosive "dual nationality" original title: explosion of "dual nationality" Lian Fang today elected Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party leader Xie Lianfang data figure [global network Roundup] according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on September 15th, held on the same day, the first election of the Democratic Party of Japan to become the new party leader, Lian fang. Murata Ren Ho, formerly known as Xie Lianfang, the Japanese senator, "Lian Fang" as his name. In July 2004, Lian Fang received 920 thousand votes, was elected to the Senate in japan. She is the only member of the Japanese parliament with a Chinese background. Not long ago, Fang Fang was due to burst with the so-called dual nationality issue sparked controversy. She apologized for her mistake 13, after she had stressed that Taiwan is not a country". Lian Fang said, 12 days notice to Taipei economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, only that they still have the "Republic of China nationality", her own memory errors incurred by the confusion of apology. To 12 days, lotus Fang has denied that the dual nationality". Her in the day before the press conference that the 17 year old has Japanese nationality had to abandon the "Republic of China nationality", to confirm this, has been to the Taipei economic and cultural representative office again for giving up the "Republic of China nationality" procedures. Japanese society contribution to promote international institutions director Eryu Kezai commented that the speech and position of Lian Fang in different periods of the total change, this is the problem, she said with Taiwan nationality is their identity in the past in an interview, "it is not that she knows she has dual nationality? Does that mean she tends to be Taiwanese (Chinese)? This is a private matter, but it is a problem for politicians who aim to become prime minister". There are Japanese netizens commented that, rather than saying that this is a dual nationality problem, as it is a credit problem. Some people worry that because of this identity Renho become "Japanese diplomats on behalf of the Chinese". According to Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported that in the previous Renho press conference that "(the Japanese government) advocated a Chinese principle, media use" dual nationality "is a word that I was surprised". She said, according to the first principle, Taiwan is not a country, and she is for the country (Japan) to come out for election. In this regard, Taiwan pan fierce reaction. The DPP "legislators" Guan Bi Ling published an article said, "politics doesn’t have to be extremely cruel and merciless, Lian Fang this enough, no matter what highfalutin reasons, I will mercilessly scold her, finally she is scolding" too hard hearted woman". Taiwan Foreign Minister Li Dawei said 13 days, the Lian Fang’s speech, I believe in on behalf of Hsieh will do the appropriate disposal. The national policy foundation Guoan group convener Lin Yu 13 mocking said, in order to pursue the "Taiwan independence", the DPP have always unrequited love Japan, Japan, the Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan not to say that the relationship between Japan and Taiwan situation with the husband and wife, "Li Denghui, Cai Yingwen and Xie Changting, how are you silent? The taste of love is really bad, right?" Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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