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Lianzhong International Conference held in Hong Kong   global Firepower – game original title: Lianzhong International Conference held global firepower in Hong Kong in August 31, 2016, the global leader in international sports intellectual Lianzhong (06899.HK) held in Hongkong "MediaCom global Lianzhong international strategic product launches, Yang Qing CEO Wu Guoliang, chairman of the international community and the central leadership collective debut, China Merchants Bank Shanghai branch vice president Ye Jin, Kai Capital Partners Chen Yibiao, Sheldon, Huarong international chairman of the board of directors of the international financial China Chairman Liu Du Lindong, chairman of Hongkong poker Association Zhang Bairu and other guests and many mainstream media reporters attended. Five platforms together burst strength based on the original April 2016 a trend which cannot be halted, intelligence ecosystem, Lianzhong major upgrade strategy, to build five platforms including games, electronic games, sports, China intelligence global sporting entertainment and sports, in order to make electricity supplier, each module can obtain more space for independent development in the field of subdivision. Lianzhong International Conference, chairman Yang Qing this detailed explanation. OurGame chairman Yang Qing introduced the five business platforms of the five platforms, the game platform is the foundation and the overall development of the community entrance. According to the latest release of Lianzhong display, first half earnings by the end of June 30, 2016 2016, Lianzhong overall revenue of 416 million yuan, compared with the strong growth of 27.9%. Among them, the PC game revenue rose 38% to reach $205 million, mobile gaming revenues of $167 million, of which the first two quarters of mobile revenue exceeded $100 million. According to the current situation can be expected steady growth in the gaming platform, will continue to bring more users and income, become the most solid foundation and backing Lianzhong kaijiangtuotu. In terms of business development, E-sports platform is very eye-catching. Lianzhong international Invest-holding Company alliance gaming in the recent series of North America announced that the capital senior gaming industry company Esports Arena, the establishment of the European subsidiary of ELC Gaming, which is since 2015 wholly acquired WPT’s parent company, to further expand overseas territory of the united. The United States Esports Arena Lianzhong injection was widely reported by American mainstream media, that the new gaming boom will set off. 8 at the end of the European ELC Gaming’s "Big Betty" gaming caravan in 2016 Cologne game show appearance by will become the focus of peoples, the circle of powder countless, and "Big Betty" European tour will be officially opened at the end of September, 2017 "ESPORT LEGENDS CUP" event has also begun preparation. According to reports, the next 3-5 years, union gaming will in the global scope to add more than 10 home appliances competition hall, the further implementation of the global gaming network hub layout, and use it as the cornerstone of the "new gaming ecosystem model content + scene", to create the first brand of sports gaming world. In addition, the sports industry and Lianzhong integrated operation platform for sports window joint venture window Lianzhong also 2016)相关的主题文章:

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