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True · Lily? Beijing blowing the latest figure of the role of hot debate about to be formally aired in October, sounded! The second quarter of Twitter has released a figure of the figure for the last second seasons. In this seemingly ordinary diagram, careful users have found that the relationship between Kumi Ko and leene actually wrote is "gravity". Huang is the son of the former! Euphonium "in the protagonist, when influenced by my sister who started learning music, because the school vacancy on bass trumpeter, but can only choose the Euphonium, results until junior high school was a bugler. In the final game of the junior high school because of Takasaka Reina said a fairly straightforward words, leading to their very high Sakarei Na. Although in the first season, Yoda and leene plot has let a lot of people can not help but want to YY, but now the official second quarter even directly in the role graph writing "gravity" two words, it is so many fans feel that the second season it is Lily. In the end of the second quarter of the story will be how to develop it? Let’s look forward to the official broadcast of the animation. [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章:

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