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Line three will clear Internet financial risk special rectification of key – Chongqing Channel – Chinese people’s Bank, the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC jointly with the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, the state Internet information office and other ministries have jointly issued the "P2P network lending risk rectification plan" equity "the congregation raised the risk of special rectification work plan" to the "Internet insurance risk special rectification work plan" to "non bank payment institutions risk special rectification work plan", the development of relevant remediation work nationwide. "To conduct a comprehensive investigation of main problems of P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan" requirements of the basic situation and the mechanism of all kinds of products and business operation, institutions exist, net lending institutions and the business expansion and excessive publicity in the media, promised high returns involving real estate, with capital or campus net loan etc. to be the focus of investigation. At the same time, the focus of remediation efforts to punish and ban Internet companies online and offline or over the scope of the development of net loan business to carry out illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities in the name of net loan. "To raise public equity risk special rectification work plan" focus on the regulation of the Internet in the name "equity financing platform to raise public equity in equity financing, to raise public equity raise nominal private equity investment fund, on the platform of financing unauthorized disclosure or disguise the development of stock, fictitious or exaggerated the strength of the platform through the platform project financing, information and return methods such as false propaganda, financial products on the platform of financing issue stock fraud, misappropriation or platform and their staff occupy investor funds, platform and real estate development companies, real estate intermediary institutions to raise public equity in the name of illegal fund-raising activities, securities companies, fund companies and Futures Company other licensed financial institutions and Internet companies illegal conduct business and other 8 kinds of problems. "False description, one-sided or exaggerated publicity past performance, earnings or illegal promise to bear the loss of misleading description of implementation plan" focused on investigating and correcting the Internet insurance risk insurance company special rectification work to sell insurance products through the Internet; third party network platform for cooperation of the insurance company and have no business qualifications to carry out insurance business on the Internet behavior cooperation; credit platform and insurance companies to provide services to increase trust, set up the pool of funds, such as the illegal fund-raising behavior, causing the risk of transmission to the field of insurance; insurance company in the business of Internet credit platform financing guarantee insurance business process, there is a means of risk control is not perfect, the internal management is not in place; non licensees illegal conduct insurance business in the Internet, the Internet enterprises in the insurance business; and unscrupulous agencies Criminals through the Internet using a name of the insurance company or insurance company credit under the guise of illegal fund-raising and other issues. "Non bank payment institutions risk special rectification work plan" key Payment institutions to carry out customer deposit risk and inter agency clearing business regulation, including increased rectification of customer deposit problems and rectification supervision, establish customer payment institutions excess reserves depository system set, the phasing out of the payment institution customers preparation payment of interest.相关的主题文章:

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