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Lippi "clever" signing mark yet unconfirmed hold Chinese team coach? Beijing – national football team history in the big boss Association, Hengda foot school share the high salary of Lippi "clever" sign mark yet unconfirmed 68 year old Italy "gold medal coach, who led the Guangzhou Heng brigade won AFC Champions League champion Lippi yesterday, first and then signed a contract with Chinese Hengda contract, officially became the soccer football association, Chinese coach. Please come to Lippi as a world class coach, in danger of football is a gospel, but Lippi in the national football coach could replicate in Hengda brilliant still needs to be considered, then how to construct the national football team coach Lippi? As a football coach took out 15 million 500 thousand euros annual salary Hengda foot school and constant Dazu school adviser, how he will straighten out the interests relationship between Hengda and country foot? All this is a question to be solved. Heng vigorously promote Lippi in the Orangemen yesterday afternoon, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, Hengda Group boss Xu Jiayin and Lippi appeared together in the center of Guangzhou Hengda, Hengda Club officially announced a few hours later, officially released in August 3rd this year, Lippi signed with the coach of the employment contract, which marks Lippi took over the Chinese soccer obstacles have been cleared and in finalizing the details of the cooperation, China Football Association yesterday evening announced Lippi as the new Chinese’s soccer coach. In the 4 place to enter the final list of coaches ruled out, the Chinese Football Association under the recommendation of Evergrande, this week to restart negotiations with Lippi. Thanks to Lippi this summer and has Hengda signed a contract for a period of 3 years in total compensation of up to 50 million euros, so Chinese FA want to sign Lippi, an important premise is that the first Hengda Lippi cancellation. To this end, Hengda Club executives and Lippi to communicate, the Chinese Football Association’s invitation also moved to the Lippi, while Hengda boss Xu also support the country to take over the foot of Lippi. So yesterday Lippi first arrived in Hongkong, then went to Guangzhou and China Senior Football Association interview. Yesterday morning, when the "silver fox" arrived in Hengda center, Cai Zhenhua has been waiting there with Xu jiayin. Although the football association did not disclose the specific details of the negotiations, but from the Hengda club announced the termination of Lippi and half an hour later, Chinese Football Association website to hang out of Lippi as a football coach at the news, the negotiations went smoothly, Lippi has been in charge of the full support of all parties. Last night, according to sources close to Lippi told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Hengda from the second half of 2013 has been actively recommended to the Chinese Football Association, Lippi. Despite the departure of Lippi in early 2015 Hengda coach, but Hengda club has maintained close contact with Lippi. When Gao Hongbo resigned, Hengda once again recommended to the Chinese Football Association, Lippi. Football association executives also believe that Lippi is the best coach of the new national coach. Although Hengda in August 3rd and Lippi has signed a new 3 year contract, but Hengda decided to spare enough for the country to contribute. Hengda out of 15 million 500 thousand euros per year compensation? Yesterday, as the national football coach in Lippi, one of the important details of concern, that is Hengda Club agreed to terminate the employment contract with Lippi, Hengda football school hired blush相关的主题文章:

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