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Zhejiang Lishui three suspects malicious destruction of highway culvert damage caused by the 8 million 90 thousand indicted – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Lishui Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Zhong Weifeng) 15, reporters from Zhejiang city of Lishui province Qingtian County People’s Procuratorate, in July this year, the local Zhu Moumou, Liu Moumou, Yang Moumou et al for sand transport business failure jinjiwen Expressway a culvert, resulting in the loss of 8 million 90 thousand yuan. The day before, Qingtian procuratorate to the crime of sabotaging transportation facilities in accordance with the prosecution of three people. July 15th to 17, the defendant Zhu Moumou (male, Qingtian people, who was convicted of robbery and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, shelter or other drug crimes was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years and 6 months), Liu Moumou (male, Qingtian people, had drug abuse and illegal possession of drugs is administrative detention) to discuss sand transport business, but because in the 52K+580M jinjiwen Expressway culvert is too low, large sand transport vehicles can not pass, then called Yang Moumou and others by way of digging machine mining in the culvert and culvert road digging depth, bottom steel cutting, the destruction of the entire culvert box culvert structure of the original whole closed frame structure, box culvert foundation also suffered serious damage. During the Lishui municipal highway administration and Jinliwen expressway management office staff has repeatedly to stop the construction site, and to Zhu Moumou issued a notice ordered to stop (correct) behavior, but three people still continue construction. After testing and evaluation, Zhu Moumou et al. Damage to the culvert has reached 5, overall risk grade, the high-speed road is in danger, this is enough to make the road traffic car danger of overturning or being destroyed, only emergency disposal costs amounted to 38 yuan, 771 yuan to permanent disposal. Accordingly, Qingtian county prosecutor’s office of three people prosecuted. (end)相关的主题文章:

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