Liu Cigui to ensure the safety and orderly tourists during the national day of Hainan satisfaction a

Liu Cigui: to ensure the safe and orderly tourists during the national day of Hainan comfortable — Hainan window – Liu Cigui: to ensure safe and orderly tourists during the national day of Hainan comfortable — Hainan windows —

source: people update time: 2016-09-30 21:50:51 categories: City Keywords: work, Hainan, security, projects, a group, to ensure that, do a good job, holiday travel, requirements, Liu Cigui Hainan windows September 30 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Mao Lei) the afternoon of September 30th, Hainan governor Liu Cigui chaired a special meeting to study the deployment of the provincial government, the provincial government focus on recent work, required to do national holiday tourism management and tourism market supervision work, to ensure the safety of the holiday tourism market order.

National Day golden week, the number of tourists in Hainan is expected to achieve significant growth than usual. Liu Cigui stressed that to cities and counties, all departments should take due diligence to perform their duties, to ensure safety during the national day of Hainan holiday tourism market order, so that domestic and foreign tourists’ satisfaction, show a good image of Hainan international tourism island. To do a good job in total visitors monitoring, early warning and emergency prevention work in place, to ensure safe and controlled; strengthening traffic control, strict penalties for traffic violations, to create a safe and comfortable safe traffic order; or to crack down on cheating behavior, prevent the occurrence of food safety incidents, to ensure that the Chinese and foreign tourists to eat at ease at ease; for the advancement of holiday tourism safety work and to establish post responsibility system, strict accountability for dereliction of duty; the masses to become civilized people of Hainan, polite, with all customers.

Liu Cigui asked, should conscientiously implement the province’s poverty alleviation and promote the leading group of poverty alleviation and development conference, do a solid job this year, according to the province’s poverty alleviation work; social services investment operation days work arrangements, in the fourth quarter of this year to promote the project construction, according to the plan implementation of construction projects, the completion of a number of projects and plan to generate a batch of project objectives.


meeting also promote the ecological environment of the six special rectification actions, in water conservancy restoration, the music city Boao International Medical Tourism advanced area construction work carried out further deployment arrangements require good coastal protection and development of special rectification, the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environment, the town of river (Lake) water pollution control, to further promote the winter water conservancy repair work; to speed up the music city Boao International Medical Tourism advanced area construction projects, actively play the role of the existing hospitals, to promote a number of new construction projects.

Hainan provincial Party committee, deputy director of the province of Mao Chao Feng, vice governor Li Guoliang, Wang Lu, He Xiqing, the Secretary General of the provincial government, the Secretary of the State Council, the Chinese government, attended the meeting on behalf of the.

(commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)

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