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Liu Shuailiang bring new "water" at the closing ceremony of donkey Tencent entertainment news September 23rd Film Festival the third session of the Silk Road, Silk Road International Film Festival in the ancient city of Xi’an came to an end, Liu Shuailiang and happy twist produced second comedy masterpiece "donkey" handsome water closing ceremony red carpet debut. The closing ceremony of the red carpet evening gathered in Jackie Chan, Sophie ·, Huang Xiaoming and Marceau; Eddie Peng and other foreign star film star. Liu Shuailiang is a handsome suit handsome style, he and many excellent film predecessors exchange learning. Liu Shuailiang handsome red carpet to the outstanding filmmakers seniors learning in the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival, Liu Shuailiang and produced the new "happy twist water" donkey was invited to attend the closing ceremony. On the red carpet, the height of 187cm Liu Shuailiang just appeared triggered bursts of screaming fans, sparkling idol light swept, instantly detonated the atmosphere, Liu Shuailiang passion affinity interaction with his fans, the scene audience. That night Liu Shuailiang also met to attend the closing ceremony of the red carpet of the numerous friends Eddie Peng, Huang Xiaoming, et al., the opportunity to meet everyone very happy together and chat, the scene is very lively. But as the movie rookie, Liu Shuailiang scene to see lots of good movies people predecessors, their love of film and dedication to bring him a lot of moved, he said, to participate in the festival with the best film before the exchange of learning, benefit. Liu Shuailiang first big screen comedy as self breakthrough of rural teachers happy twist produced second comedy film "water" donkey adapted from Zhou Shen, Liu Lu’s eponymous drama works, and by the two people before the film director, the poster double announced a high-profile file October 20th, and released the slogan "a joke, you can cry", attracted a lot of media and fans of great concern to the film and Liu Shuailiang. The movie is a humorous story triggered by a donkey’s absurdity, before starred in too many big costume drama "legend inn" "Pocahontas" Lanling Princess ", known as the" new costume niche "Liu Shuailiang in the film starred in sports and nature challenge science teacher Zhou Tienan. This is Liu Shuailiang’s first headlining the big screen comedy film, and the team is happy twist that he had enough drama addiction. As Liu Shuailiang said in micro-blog, "behind the ballast northeast flavor, is a life. Anxious to get out of the plot, but also a fantastic story". Exactly how to end this farce, each character will happen to Liu Shuailiang in the film, the shocking truth here isn’t what Deshui Lu teacher "will cause much tempestuous waves, viewers will also need to go to the cinema to find the final answer. Happy second classic comedy movie "twist" donkey water on October 20th, the release of comedy. By then, Liu Shuailiang will also give the audience a wonderful interpretation of the big screen role. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章:

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