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UnCategorized Some people think that golf is an elite sport and that playing it would mean that they have to spend a lot of money. After all, rich businessmen and top executives are the ones who play rounds of golf during their free time. It is also a .mon practice for them to meet with potential clients during a golf vacation. Yet one need not spend a lot or even go to different far-off places to play this game. In fact there are a lot of local golf courses that you can go to should you feel the need to try that golf swing you’ve been practicing for a long time. The US is home to great golf coursessome of them are even favorite venues for pro tours. Perhaps it is the variety of physical appearance and level of difficulty that made these golf courses famous not only here but in the international golfing .munity as well. A pro golfer will never exclude the Pebble Beach Golf Links in his or her top selections. Dating as far back as 1919, this critically acclaimed link course has be.e the hub where classic meets modern in landscape and facility. In fact, the golf magazine US’ Digest Golf included it in its top ranking golf courses in 2005. But what’s set this golf course apart is probably its awesome terrain or the rugged coastline that marks the boundaries of its greens. Jack Neville, the designer of this golf course, didn’t need to do much and just used the natural landscape to create a golf course like no other. Because of its innate beauty and world class facilities, The Pebble Beach golf course has been hosting some of the major golf tournaments in the countryone of which is the US Open Championships. Equally popular is the Pinehurst Resort and Country Club. One of the oldest golf courses in the country, Pinehurst is filled with proud traditions and rich history. And for those who prefer to stay here will be surprised that the 2,000-acre property has a total of eight different golf courses with different levels of difficulty. You’ll find everything here. You can take your whole family because there are great amenities that will cater to their needs while you play a round of golf. No wonder it is included in almost every best local golf courses list because it provides a total getaway for golfers and their friends and families. Guests will enjoy their stay whether they are playing golf under the sun or simply relaxing while sipping a drink or two. Now, who said that Las Vegas is all about casinos? There’s one that has been a favorite destination among golf enthusiasts and it is Shadow Creek. Actually if you are staying in an MGM property, you’ll get to play for free in this golf course as it is often included as a package. But anyone can book for a round of golf at Shadow Creek while you are in Vegas. Once the reservation has been made, you’ll be surprised that a limousine will pick you up whichever hotel in Vegas you are staying. It’s just one of the many perks of playing in Shadow Creek. Play in one of these local golf courses and you’ll surely feel like a pro. Despite of the game’s elite reputation, everyone can play the game. All it takes is guts that you can be as good as the pro golfers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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