Long March five launch in Hainan, Wenchang ready (video)-footman

"Long five" Hainan Wenchang ready to launch soon in Hainan Wenchang Long March five ready to launch the work long march five Click to see more pictures of the long march rocket number five in early September to the Wenchang spaceport, in accordance with the mission test launch process, completed the assembly, testing and other preparatory work. On October 28th at 8:25 in the morning, carrying a long march five rocket launch platform from launching vertical test plant, drive about 2 hours after the safe transport to the launch area. After the completion of the rocket function checks and joint testing, and confirm the final state, the long march five rocket will be filled with propellant, according to plan to launch. As a new generation of carrier rockets in China at present the largest carrying capacity, long march five incorporates a number of new space technology, the first 5 meters in diameter rocket body structure, the first use of non-toxic and pollution-free hydrogen / oxygen LOX / kerosene engine and combined off scheme, new control system development of a highly reliable, with the upgrading of the milepost the significance of our rocket development. China News Agency, Wenchang, November – (reporter Wang Ziqian) – China’s largest thrust carrier rocket Long March five will be selected earlier this month in Hainan, Wenchang, the launch of the space launch site in. Reporters learned that 2 days, the current reception in Wenchang has been basically ready. China News Agency reporter 2, drove to the space dragon town, a smooth road traffic. In the first few months ago, Lou Zhen calm meet the "long five" launch. "In the pre launch test business, to meet the tastes of tourists around." The town roads on both sides of many newly opened restaurant, a restaurant owner surnamed Huang optimistic about business. The current size of Lou Zhen hotel in recent days have no room for the price department, the price shall not exceed three times daily. According to statistics, the "Long March seven" rocket launch Lou Zhen ushered in the 100 thousand visitors and 20 thousand cars, space tourism hot hot. Wenchang City Tourism Department of the launch before planning 2 group tour line, 6 driving circuit, are "space travel" as the main attraction, connected space science center, Aerospace Science Museum, Wenchang city and town buildings space many famous scenic spots, beautiful countryside and village etc.. Prior to the launch, Wenchang announced the best viewing point with 7 reception capacity. The reporter saw in the viewing point ShanHaiTian Beach Hotel, here has been set up to several kilometers of the fence, to prevent tourists too close to the sea, there are signs that evacuation channels, in addition to many tourist toilets have been built and put into use. Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps issued a notice, the long march five during the launch of the Wenchang space launch site surrounding roads and roads leading to the implementation of traffic control in Wenchang. This mentality is relatively mature and stable, more calm and calm." Lou Zhen propaganda committee member Cai Feiyan said, Lou Zhen has on evacuation, tourist reception, health care, food safety, fire safety and other aspects of the arrangements.相关的主题文章:

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