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Insurance Travelling solo or with a group, student travel insurance is vital for working holidays, studying abroad or backpacking. No matter where youre travelling, or for how long, you do need travel insurance. UK is a major destination for students. As the language and culture is similar its easier to feel at home, pick up employment or to study. Its also the perfect launching pad for travel into countries where the language and culture is new and exciting, but can be daunting the first time round. What if youre travelling solo? Depending on your destination, travelling with others can be a lot safer. On the flip side – when travelling alone, you get to decide your itinerary and change your mind and are forced to draw upon strengths, skills and a level of initiative you may not have known you had. Going alone need not stop you, but you must be far more aware of your surroundings, have a greater understanding of safety issues and learn to think ahead. Naturally, purchasing quality travel insurance is a must. Buying Cheap Travel Insurance Students can buy cheap travel insurance by going online and dealing direct with online insurers. Some online .panies can save you up to as much as 50%.. Online specialists, iTrek…au, specialise in international travel insurance for students, backpackers and gap year travel insurance and have focussed their policies towards this market, saying they have a good understanding of what their customers are likely to get up to. As a major percentage of their customers head to isolated and challenging regions, all four of their policy levels include unlimited emergency medical, hospital and evacuation cover. Their policies also provide 24/7 phone access to medical professionals for advice. When travelling alone, or even with friends, this is an invaluable backup. Other critical areas to cover can include passport replacement, lost credit cards, cash, travellers cheques, personal possessions and delayed travel expenses. Always confirm if valuables such as iPods are covered. Some Final Check Points Never allow your insurance cover to lapse even if its just for a few days. Make sure you can go online to extend your cover while overseas. Keep copies of all important numbers such as credit card and passport. Make sure you either have sufficient money or access to more money as its easy to underestimate how much it costs to live when youve been living at home. Never, absolutely never, leave your luggage unattended or carry anything for anyone! And always, but always, take out the best quality student travel insurance you can afford. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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