Mainland tourists fell sharply in Taiwan tourism winter hit what to go

Mainland tourists dropped Taiwan tourism winter hit new network – reducing mainland tourists decide on what path to follow, Eluanbi Park deserted lot. Newspaper reporter Wang Yao photo Taoyuan Zhongli funeral home, "7? 19" tour bus accident, the families of the victims in the portrait of the deceased before mourning. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Song Zhenping recently, sponsored by the Taiwan Strait "Wang newspaper" forum to "no" 92 consensus "Taiwan tourism" as the theme, invited many experts together to explore the mainland tourists who had been greatly reduced". Only a short while ago, "Taiwan tour" is a popular vocabulary, the elderly to young express feelings, art, a trip to Taiwan is a lot of people in the tourism planning. Unexpectedly, in May this year the inauguration of the new Taiwan authorities for the "92 consensus" played the fuzzy brand, soaring extremists "Anti China sentiment in a few politicians instigated, in addition to the" 7? 19 "fire car frequent event is represented by a series of accidents, deter large passenger Lu You. Timely assistance of mainland tourists in Taiwan tourism has a loss. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced in March 4, 2008 2008 "tourism and Tourism Competitiveness Report", Taiwan in 130 countries and regions in the ranking fell from twenty-second to fifty-second; in Asia, Malaysia and South Korea are beyond Thailand, the original fourth back to seventh. For a time, from the industry, academia to politics, the future of Taiwan’s tourism industry are very confused. Where is the road? There is a consensus that Taiwan needs a new market in order to revive the tourism economy. Qiongzesibian, look to the west, the ready-made opportunity on the side: people from the mainland to Taiwan tourism open. In May 2008, the Kuomintang authorities came to power; soon, the two sides agreed on the basis of the "92 consensus", open the mainland compatriots to Taiwan tourism. For the Taiwan tourism industry who complain incessantly xicongtianxiang, 2008 is a year, huge mainland market has become the last straw in their hearts is self-evident". As we all know, the modern tourism economy not only plays an important role in the national economy, but also plays an important role in the promotion of related industries and the improvement of economic structure. Mainland tourists travel to Taiwan not only led to the Taiwan tourism, but also brought a series of tourism related industries. For example, due to the substantial increase in the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan, a lot of new hotel construction. Although the mainland tourists are a "life-saving straw", Taiwan "Anti China" people still eat not Renzhang, drinking water source". The fact is not hard, the data to speak: in 2008 to open the mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism so far, more than 20 million visitors to Taiwan mainland tourists, in 2015 is to reach an unprecedented number of people in the 4 million 180 thousand. Taiwan Tourism Bureau statistics, the average daily consumption of $227 per mainland tourists in Taiwan, the direct economic benefits brought by the pull and the surrounding benefits are very large. Xiao Xiao Lamu Taiwan tour in July 19th, from Liaoning, the tour suffered a fire in the vicinity of the car to Taiwan Taoyuan airport highway, the car of 24 land"相关的主题文章:

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