Many birth certificate is reselling 10 in case of a child for the unknown source or origin

Many birth certificate is reselling: 10 in case of a child for the unknown source or origin in Hunan province Chenzhou city Rucheng County Xiang hospitals, the hospital president Deng Wenyou because of reselling birth certificate under the Local Discipline Inspection Commission and the public security investigation. Zhao Dapeng birth certificate, the reporter contacted with parents, confirmed to spend money to buy. Intermediary Zhao Dapeng met with reporters, saying that in case 10 can do a normal birth certificate. The 60 year old Chen Chunfu lived in Meizhou Island in Fujian, his son was admitted to adopt a child, the birth certificate is to buy. In September 14th, micro-blog crackdown volunteers Shangguan justice to the national health and Family Planning Commission sent a letter report, containing 630 of the baby birth certificate list. The baby birth certificate, also known as the "birth certificate", as "the first card", is the neonatal birth registration and residence, citizenship, citizen identity card number of the original documents and legal medical instruments. Kami Jungyi said that there is a huge black network of birth certificate. Some of the regular medical institutions, through the intermediary market, the price will be sold to the needs of the birth certificate of the buyers, let some of the children on account of unknown source or origin ". Beijing News reporter learned that, at present the sale of a birth certificate black network involves a number of provinces, many documents outflow from the medical institutions in Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Henan and other places, settled in Fujian County of Pingtan Province, Putian city and other places. A police who admitted that the outflow of any Zhen Zhang, means that the public security household sector management oversight, health system "ghost" rampant. More important is, to the crackdown work obstacles, "is likely to be some unknown source or origin, abducted children, now have been settled, identity is washed. The police and the abducted children family has increased the difficulty of looking for". In September 23rd, the Fujian provincial public security department, Public Security Administration Corps official news release, Fujian police have found illegal personnel, the sale of counterfeit or altered "medical proof of birth" Account Reporting clues have been deeply involved to carry out the investigation, according to the survey results to investigate and punish the criminals, and the persons responsible. Buyers to buy permits washed children as 60 year old Chen Chunfu lived in Meizhou Island in Fujian harbor village, on a ferry to reach the island. The island is the birthplace of Mazu, in recent years because of the increasing number of visitors, the village take the asphalt road spacious. The Chen Chunfu family is not rich, brush with gray cement walls of the house, with a clip in the spire of the European style building. Chen Chunfu is 40 years old to get married is a discharge, usually in the quarry stone, his tanned clothes are covered with dust. Chen Chunfu said, married couples failed to birth, taking into account the children, two people trying to adopt a child. In 2001, Chen Chunfu finally have the opportunity to adopt a boy friend to help find, Chen Chunfu did not know his son is where people. Because the child household registration problems plaguing the unknown source or origin, chen. 2010, Chen Chunfu commissioned a friend, spent more than 700 yuan to buy a number of "K520030471" birth certificate, certificate.相关的主题文章:

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