Many people rowing boats Chinese Cup tournament in Jimei to fight Wang Shi-vidalia

At Chinese people open cup rowing boats in Jimei Wang Shi to fight 2016 "Chinese Cup" rowing multiplayer boat open and Chinese rowing masters in Jimei District Xinglin Bay water sports center. Morning news reporter Cui Yi Chen Cuixian in the white snow athletes rowing, sight and surface is almost parallel to the hands of high-speed rowing, rowing is like a fish, in the beautiful Xinglin Bay to waves. The oars inspired spray, let athletes and the audience excited; on the field of battle cry, is for China rowing from Jimei to the world advance, cheer. Yesterday, the first Xiamen Jimei Festival "activities China weighs 2016 pounds more than the boat rowing cup open and China rowing masters in Jimei Xinglin Bay water sports centre, as Chinese within the territory of the most influential water sports events, the rowing" Oscar "attracted from the thousands of rowing athletes. In October, have been held in Jimei two high level rowing race, Fujian province suffered typhoon "Meranti" after the first highest level sports event, was given a special meaning. They are believed to be the most species, the most abundant content in the largest, highest tournament, this is not only an important step in China rowing on the international stage of the tournament, they also witnessed the success of the typhoon, set to rebuild Xiamen beauty recovery speed and the power of Xiamen. This is the month, Second National rowing competition held in Jimei. Yesterday, the famous entrepreneur, President of the Asian Rowing Association Wang Shi to the game, the 2016 Rio Olympic women’s single scull medal winner Duan Jingli commentary for the tournament scene. The tournament organized by the State Sports General Administration of water sports management center, Chinese Rowing Association, Xiamen Sports Bureau, Xiamen District of Jimei City People’s government, Xiamen City, Jimei City Development Ltd, the Xiamen Sports Ltd., Co Fujian Boat Sports Association, the NetEase news client for the entire broadcast sports channel. In order to better promote the popularization of rowing, culture, so that the public can experience the charm of the most beautiful water and related activities on the track ", please pay attention to the Jimei tourism public number, more information. Specification: the country’s top 2 top events in Jimei, in the field, I feel happy and enjoy." The 65 year old Wang Shi off the suit, put on a professional rowing suit, an athlete at the masters. Yesterday at the 2016 "Chinese Cup" rowing boat more open, a total of 27 teams, the contestants from all over the country of 547 people, including 461 athletes; masters have 47 teams from around the country, a total of 728 people, including 610 athletes, is considered to be the most influential Chinese rowing competition. This is a gathering of folk strength of the event, the participating athletes in college students, there are more than 50 years old players. After fierce competition, and ultimately decide the winners of the 13 projects. In the game, the Xiamen team of local brisk performance, "Xiamen diving club" won the Masters champion 3 A. It is reported that in mid October, also held in Jimei 2016 national Rowing Championships and National Collegiate Rowing Championships, as the next year;相关的主题文章:

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