Many times Nanning to Thailand flights Thailand tour also happy to play

Many times Nanning to Thailand flights Thailand tour is also happy to play post Jun said: before the Mid Autumn Festival, Thailand great efforts to remediation China to Thailand zero fare "chaos, not only caused a large area of Thailand tourist charter flights grounded, Nanning tourism market is also part of the suspension of Thailand group or directly to close off the league, so many visitors to be taken by surprise. The industry believes that this not only led to a substantial increase in the price of Thailand line, but also may lead to a large market turmoil outbound. Set a good seat "fly" Nanning tourists Ms. Chung these days a little tired. A month ago, she reported to Thailand in September 18th, Bangkok Pattaya tour. Unexpectedly, the morning of September 12th, the travel agency suddenly told her that charter flights grounded, the regiment won’t go, only tuituan. Ms. Bell said, she has long been invited to leave, and ready for luggage. Although the travel agency agreed to withdraw all the money, the other compensation of 10%, but has not been able to find the right line, the work may be wasted. WeChat users to "pull Ya Ling Xiao muskmelon also reflects before he and his friends in the network where scheduled during the national day from Nanning to Bangkok round-trip ticket, hotel and tickets to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Recently suddenly received notice, they return on October 6th by the Bangkok Thailand eastern airlines fly to Nanning flights, on duty ticket can refund, but it affected other air tickets and hotel expenses cannot be processed.   "pull Ya Ling Xiao muskmelon and friends felt a dilemma: other booking fees to pay, if not a great loss; but the flight was canceled, near the national day, they can buy other seats are limited, and the price soared, if it involves transit, transshipment problems, losses may be greater. At present, can only hope that charter travel agencies can help them change the other flight. Nearly 80% of Bangkok’s charter or grounded the reporter learned that this is not the case. Because of the recent crackdown in Thailand "zero cost", affected not only low-cost group, there are some normal tours. At present, Nanning and even the trip to Thailand charter flights have been grounded, a group of Thailand were asked to add money off or cancelled. Deputy general manager of the new Guangxi Zhengda international travel company Nanning branch mengrui said that they had the Bangkok charter for a week of class 4, class 1 is now reduced, into 3 classes per week. The general manager of Nanning Chinese travel agency Huang Hongliu told reporters, after their charter line is in cooperation with the two Airlines charter flights to Bangkok in the early September, 11 classes per week. But the Thai airline has been unstable, even once suspended, which has a great influence, they are fighting with each other. Now with this thing, Nanning CTS also adjusted the plan, currently only and another airline, flight to Bangkok for 4 times a week. According to the tourism industry that influence Thailand charter tour, grounded reduction will also expand, the next period of time, is expected to nearly 80% of the national Bangkok charter may be grounded. No group of low-cost market is to this sudden investigation, has been described as the "shock therapy". Because it involves not only low-cost group, "zero negative group", and is.相关的主题文章:

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