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[map] private custom for young people to drive Yue Xiang V7 1.0T- Sohu auto page first: target under the age of 30 young consumer groups       [Sohu auto car] there is no doubt that we are definitely a fast changing era, in this era of young people is the absolute protagonist. They are full of vitality, distinctive personality, like to try new things, of course, with the beginning of 90 has a stable income, this group of young people began to become the main consumer. Buy a house, buy a car has become the main pursuit of their material. For their purchasing power, the house is clearly not their own, and what kind of car? Or you can count it. Formal attention to these young consumer groups, Changan automobile in recent years began to take the younger route, young, fashion, vitality, more and more popular image. Since the escape vehicle design, each new car will bring a surprise, from CS35 to XT is caused by a batch of "tide" models to us, but in the product sequence of Changan which was also a car three car as the main young consumer groups, it is the Yue Xiang V7. In the upcoming Chengdu International Auto Show Yue Xiang V7 1.0T models will be officially listed. Sohu car editor had the honor to officially unveiled before it, to experience the beautiful car, its performance exactly how? Let us carefully to speak…. (Editor: superb) page third: 1.0T power definitely enough for a new generation of BLUECORE 1.0TGDI three cylinder engine, maximum power 85kW, maximum torque of 172N – m, according to the power to calculate the 1.0TGDI completely beyond those brands 1.5T engine performance parameters, but also beyond a considerable part of 1.6L ~ 1.8L naturally aspirated engine level. In addition, this engine also has a super pressure control mode, the mode of its peak torque up to 200N • M. The most special is with this 1.0T is a 6 speed manual gearbox, and the speed of the box than the 6, the speed of 5 has a more reasonable ratio of teeth matching. In theory, both in terms of acceleration or fuel economy has a better performance than the 5 speed gearbox. Walk in the streets of the city, the car is very brisk, 2000 turn around can make it into a trot. Gear pitch and stroke is relatively short, pushing into the feeling very smooth, at the foot of the clutch is quite to my taste, travel is not long, combination is moderate, even a novice can quickly grasp. However, the new car also has some need to improve or adjust the place. In the process of speeding up the block will have a clear run, especially when the speed increases to 2 rpm or more, from the block to the 2 block and then from the 3 block to the 4 block, as long as the shift rhythm slightly faster, the vehicle will be such a situation. I personally think that this is the problem of calibration of vehicle transmission system, is likely to be heavy flywheel, in high speed, when you open the throttle, the flywheel heavier by the inertia effect, still with a start)相关的主题文章:

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