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To the scene of the mass petition left mayor of mobile phone number: there are demands for me – Sohu news in Anhui province Bozhou city mayor Du Yanan the morning of October 27th, the mayor of Anhui city in Bozhou province Du Yanan reception petitioners for the Complaints Bureau site. Liberating, to petition the aspirations of the masses, Du Yanan listen carefully chipped, asked in detail about the situation, and listened carefully to the local government and departments in liberating, enterprises that responsible comrades, let three parties can fully express their demands and reflect the situation, the scene at the same time for the departments involved and liberating lawyer’s opinions and suggestions. According to the petitioner’s appeal, Du YanAn Railway Station about law, the point of view of the masses in the petition said on policies and regulations, set reasonable, face to face with the people to communicate heart to heart, sincere to the masses, the scene can be resolved, Du Yanan instructed the relevant departments deadline for; can’t solve immediately, patience and petitioners common Du Yanan to find the best solution to solve the problem, and the site announced its own mobile phone number, make the masses have new problems and demands reflect directly to him. On the case of letters and visits, Du Yanan made a statement on the spot, requiring the relevant government departments to pay close attention to reply to the complainant as soon as possible. After the reception of a number of letters and visits to the masses, Du Yanan shook hands with them farewell, please believe that the government will be in accordance with the law in accordance with the provisions of the serious petition matters, according to the law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of petitioners. The slippery rain, to Caution! "," cold, older, more clothes to keep warm, take care the body ", the mass petition before his departure, did not forget to told Du Yanan. Du Yanan pointed out that the petition work is an important bridge and link between the party and the government to the people, is the most direct mass work. The tenth provincial Party Congress will be held, the various departments at all levels should proceed from development and stability, fully understand the importance of doing this work, do all the work of the petition stability. Du Yanan requirements, according to the law in accordance with regulations for letters and visits. In accordance with the law in accordance with regulations, seek truth from facts, open and transparent principle, the legitimate interests of the legitimate interests of the masses as soon as possible to solve the problem. The unreasonable demands, to reason, move, patience and meticulous ideological work, to obtain the understanding and support of the masses; the end of the end of law according to the law, to prevent repeated visits tied to visit downtown; vexatious to resolutely deal with according to law, and guide the masses to the orbit of the rule of law, the law of rational expression. Du Yanan stressed the need to further compaction work responsibilities. To adhere to the territorial management, classification responsible, who is in charge, who is responsible, according to the law, timely, in place to solve the problem and the principle of combining education and persuasion, to resolve conflicts at the grassroots level, to solve the problem in the bud. We should strengthen the supervision and assessment of accountability, supervision and supervision to establish linkage mechanism, to handle petitions and letters to resolve the pending on-site inspection and verification, to increase the annual assessment efforts, because the work is not responsible, not to implement the petition caused a major problem, to strictly pursue the relevant units and personnel responsibilities. Vice Mayor Hou in liberating.相关的主题文章:

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