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Members of the public took the police illegal by Shenzhen police: Kneel apologize Sohu news according to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported on the afternoon of November 4th, Shenzhen Mr. Lee and his wife drove by Sheng Po and cloth LAN Lu over the red light intersection, see a police car, illegal lane change will get off the camera, a dispute with the police. 6, Shenzhen police said that micro-blog was informed of the matter, the police advice is Mr. Li not to take photos in the driveway, Longgang police have apologized to Mr. Li, the inspector has arranged for the departments involved in the investigation. Informed that the Longgang Buji Police Brigade squadron of police Li Yang led the three auxiliary police officers driving police out of the police, because the road traffic affected the normal car, there are passengers and drivers use a mobile phone to shoot the police line in the vehicle lane change, they don’t get off the police persuasion to continue shooting, but repeatedly advised invalid, ordered the two men forcibly from the roadside and dispute. Bulletin also said that the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Police Bureau of Longgang brigade leadership attaches great importance to the representatives of the brigade, squadron apologized to the parties, the police also sincerely apologized and made the understanding of the parties. At present, the higher authorities have been assigned to supervise the transfer?. Reporters learned that Lee is a car passenger, driving his wife. Lee introduced to see the police car compaction line lane, he got off a few photos. Mr. Li said, he just want to send photos to my circle of friends talk about this thing, but was a police and a co tube to pour in the roadside. Scene pictures show that Mr. Lee kneeling on the roadside, on both sides of the station, a man in uniform, one of them with his hand, and the other on the phone. He told reporters that the police and relevant leaders have apologized to him.相关的主题文章:

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