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[method] Why do people say that cats are poor? Tencent (Yokii) digital news last week, apple iPhone 7 is on sale? Our whole office is a time to buy buy buy craze… Only me… Next door wood can not help but ask me: "Yokii XX you can tell me, your money is XX where to go?" So I opened my books…… well… I spent more than half of the salary for my son… But today I will not talk to you of eating and sleeping, today I mainly to see my "waste" in the body of the cat master Money… Let’s say up from cheap I believe… The beginning a lot of people on the cat master and I made the same mistake – buy a cat. See the beautiful hand nest this price more than and 500 in the online publicity thought and on the web are like this: then you guess my son bought after sleep where? On… This is my dirty clothes basket… On… It is selected as the master and nest… Many cats, my son also love drinking water flow, as a reliable cat slave, I was to buy a master advanced automatic drinking machine? Like this: but when the joy chop hand I ignored a question… People advertising is a cat… Three of my change..! For this: how? Beauty is not beautiful? Powervision ah! The water will flow down along the transparent ball uniform, cat owners can drink in a circle! I feel like a cat slave! Masters love good love ~ ~ however, the water quality of Beijing… Good times don’t last long… Ah… It is enough… After about 2 months, the ball began to uniform hung Shui Xiu, about half of the ball… Transparent translucent ball… And then increased with the brush brush off the scale, the master began to abandon the (at o on) ~ ~ I two days ago I was to change the water sealing bowl, can save water, take out some great masters what! Yes, my master does not go out to play. For… I like this every evening and travel frequently, every day to worry about my master have to eat well, do not clean the toilet, then bought the two goods: automatic shovel machine! As well as with the camera automatic feeding basin! Let us talk about the first, I think we should see the picture is this: in fact, when I was half a year to have never seen my cat… Hehe… Where is so clever… I just went to see my cat to eat? It’s so hard to make a motion picture? Oh, is that expensive? Let alone buy a ~ ~ and then a monitoring machine shoveled shit really good, what business master droppings have less worry about… But I mean short-term travel… If the long-term thing… Not only up to a moment. Nausea nausea… My main I the door is so look at me… Uh… I still have to change a! So, how do you think the shit is going to be poor? By the way! I intend to buy a cat next to master this ~ ~ can be clean!相关的主题文章:

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