Microsoft Xbox one sales gratifying the United States in March won the first-diqua

Microsoft Xbox One sales gratifying: the United States in March won the first [TechWeb] in the intelligent mobile phone market report frustration of Microsoft, announced their three consecutive months to maintain the United States game console sales in the first place. Of course, the biggest contributor to the number of Xbox One devices, it is the impact of Microsoft’s game console sales tool. It is reported that, Xbox One is not only the host sales champion in North America, or the United Kingdom in September host sales champion. And benefit from the "3", Forza: Horizon "war machine 4" and other big pull, Xbox Live users continue to grow steadily. XBOX ONE, Microsoft is offering home console. Xbox 360 is the next generation of aircraft. Referred to as XONE, XB-ONE. This device runs the game screen beautifully, playable rich, get a lot of family gamers favorite. The United States won consecutive game console sales in the first place, we can see that the Xbox One device has received a lot of game player the unanimous approval, after all Xbox One since early 2013 listing, won the attention of many users, and soon usher in success.相关的主题文章:

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