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Migrant workers shoes: respect for independent identity on withdrawals yesterday, a migrant worker in the bank teller on shoes photos Shuabing network. According to the photographer, migrant workers see the bank ground especially clean, your shoes are too dirty afraid dirty ground, do not want to mop the floor security cause unnecessary trouble, so there is a scene on the withdrawal. In fact, the security does not care, he said to the migrant workers, nothing is OK, you go in, I’ll drag again." Is such a small thing, but touched countless friends. People moved, not sad: in order to keep the bank floor clean and tidy, the migrant workers should be so humble, really low to the dust. And after watching the news people also for the security of empathy praise. Between people reflected in the matter of respect, after we used to see all kinds of tearing of the public space, people sigh. Whether migrant workers, or responsible for mopping the floor of the security, in accordance with the worldly standards, they are at the bottom of the people. They may be engaged in a low cultural level, the city’s dirty work; they had not high wages, no life and no sound fresh clothes horse angry, moving status, even just the edge of the city people. But two such people, respect and trust in the public space now scarce, gave us a warm heart drama. On the "withdrawal and security of migrant workers never mind" that, in the public space, between people in good faith will not vary because of the rich and the poor. Respect is something that everyone needs, and everyone should have. The question is whether you want to share it with someone else. We see in the public space is a lot of hostility, because the queue a dispute, Lu Nu yiyanbuge will overtake the explosion of the privacy of others quarrel between husband and wife. A feather of these events, everywhere is non interest and goodwill, and "Canglin knowledge etiquette" encountered practical difficulties. It is the security of migrant workers and the bottom to show us the side of human nature full of tender feelings. In fact, as long as everyone to others and to maintain a social respect, to look for the sake of others, public space will not lack of respect. Migrant workers understand security, security also want to facilitate the convenience of migrant workers, respect for such a. It is generated from the heart in the shape, a little empathy, it is not difficult to achieve mutual respect.相关的主题文章:

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