Mom encountered this situation did not dare to fight, after her daughter knew the regret of the acci

The mother can’t resist, the daughter of an accident after that time regret – Sohu parents with children’s mother will encounter some sudden situation, and the child in the car suddenly want to pee, is to let the parents most headaches, some mother will meet the parents to understand the passengers and the driver, like Wang mother. The king mother holiday with his son to distant relatives, need to take three hours away, but the way the son wants to pee, go to the driver said to listen to, the driver is readily agreed, can not stop the driver will give a child urine bag inside. But Liu was not so lucky, this day, Liu took her daughter to the county, halfway to the time when her daughter told her mother wanted to pee, Liu asked the driver can listen to it? The driver does not agree, the passengers are not willing to say that they delay the time, said the girl is trouble, not as good as the boy to a bottle to solve the. Ms. Liu blushed fiercely said to her daughter endure, the girl was in tears, his hands clutched the pants, but the road is bumpy and fast to the local time, Ms. Liu saw her daughter trying not to cry, and the girl’s pants out of the blood, the doctor said the bladder burst, Liu lady crying regretting not insist to get off. The child was just the body organ development is very fragile, not as bieniao as adults, even if adults hold long time bladder will be broken, the children do not like adults, they hold urine, are the parents, they should understand each other. However, many parents regardless of the feelings of others so that children everywhere is not civilized. The face of the child suddenly want to urinate car parents can do so相关的主题文章:

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