More than 200 new questions through the driving test candidates to retake 77 times yet rate plunged

More than 200 new questions through the driving test candidates rate plunged to retake 77 times has not yet passed the newspaper news (reporter Shi Yaoke) reporter from the city traffic police department was informed that the vehicle at present on a regular basis, has added the title update test, the preparation of more than 200 questions and import database. Since April this year, the qualified rate in education out of "recycled test" (people) have been down from the previous 50% to the current 41%. One speeding violation was recorded 12 points candidates have been tested for three years, 76 times, has not passed. Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle administration three branch held a driving test out of 12 learning the "recycled" test, the final half of the candidates did not pass the exam. Among them, 54 years old candidates Mr. Li has participated in 76 "refresher" test, this still did not pass. Lee said after the examination, this time he got 86 points, with a difference of no more than 4 points. I also carefully reviewed, but the "often have new questions added, I have a big old memory is bad, but it has always been a test." Mr. Li said, before he was a taxi driver, in 2013 because of a passenger rushed to the airport, receive 50 yuan fare, their "speeding", the police seized the final for speeding 50% record 12 points, after the beginning of the three years of "return trip test". The 76 make-up, Mr. Li repeatedly admitted to 89 points, from the pass line is just a step away. He admitted that with the growing number of topics, the future will be more difficult exam. Early to know "to test for three years, I had what can not be illegal, regret the intestines are blue." It is worth noting that, since the increase of local examination questions, the difficulty of the exam has improved, the qualified rate decreased, especially the "rectification" action to start early, because the driver’s own law abiding respect for the weak awareness, familiar with the local laws and regulations is not enough, the test pass rate is greatly reduced. According to statistics, since April this year, the number of Shanghai to participate in the full education examination has reached 32767 people, the number rose before the rise, with the "rectification" in advance, exam pass rate (people) have been down from the previous 50% to the current 41%. The test subjects a library will continue to import traffic regulation and other contents of the subject. (map) hot news: Shanghai municipal government led the new division of labor: should brave the executive vice mayor of electronic police illegal capture enabled one and a half million Pudong accumulated 1.88 SMS sent a man from the 15 Floor falls dead was a single tenant exposure Liu Xiang father Ceng Quanliu Xiang Wu Sha Sha Wu suspected accused of cheating derailed break up Shanghai Changning Xin the blue area murder of the deceased son was controlled by the police in Shanghai today weather forecast: cloudy local short showers later this week, the temperature rose slightly相关的主题文章:

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